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Over 2 HOURS of tuition and method.

Words, names, birthdays, personal information… ANYTHING

This staggering prediction routine from Ben Williams brings a practical twist to the “One ahead” technique and allows you to predict almost anything. This is a routine that can be impromptu and performed at any time, in a performance setting or just out in the streets.

Anything is a very efficient way of performing a prediction routine that can be done with… 

  • No peaks or impressions
  • Performed at anytime
  • Done in multiple variations

Ben Williams will have you reading minds in minutes, taking you through this devious routine with excellent coaching and experience. Williams also adds almost an hour of bonus tips and tricks that will ensure you are blowing the minds of all your spectators.

This 100% accurate, easy to do routine is available now on Magic Stream. I’m reading your mind right now… I know you’re going to watch it. 

Learn it now.


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Aaron N.
Verified Buyer


A great site run by some great people. The products they offer and the support they provide is fantastic. They care about their product and their business and everything I’ve gotten from them has been top quality and easily the best cards and gimmicks I’ve ever received.

V. Adams
Verified Buyer


From browsing the site to completing the order, it was easy to find everything I wanted.

Shipping was fast and products were delivered pristine.

Bradford Chase
Verified Buyer


Everything I purchase from Ellusionist is high quality, professional level goods. I’m an amateur but learning and I am never disappointed here as I am other sources. Love this company.

Bob M.
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I am a repeat customer and everything I purchase I am beyond pleased with. If I have ever had an issue with anything I contact them and receive prompt responses and they always rectify an issue in more than a timely manner. Definitely a company in the magic world I’d recommend.

AAA Anything

Customer Reviews

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David Delapaz
Make you want to slap yourself

Anything by Ben Williams is a steal for the little amount of money it is, the way the routine is done and how it all goes together is just awesome and the reactions are great, highly recommend this

You Won't Regret It

You know that old "one ahead" thing? No, you don't. The name of this download is not misleading. With a fresh, impressive, versatile take on that old principle we've all used, you can literally predict anything a person can think of.

You're more or less limited to predictions, not divinations or the like, but you are not at all limited in any other aspect. No smooth talking or guess-work necessary.

It's clean, it's easy, it will never fail, and I have yet to use it, but I'd guarantee great reactions.

He even includes a fun craft that will serve as a convincer when it's all said and done.

This is one of my favorite purchases in a long, long time, and at a steal of a price. Do yourself a favor and add it to your cart this second.


Wow just wow...

samuel crouch
Anything, it literally makes anything possible

I've been doing magic for a little over 5 years now and just recently learned this trick, it's a trick that's great for all skill levels because the base trick is great but he talks about how to make it even better using certain methods, would highly recommend

One Ahead 101

Have been looking for something like this! Has my imagination going wild!

Jared Slaweski
An improvement on an old mentalism concept

If you have learned the "one -ah*** principal and thought, "ok..but I feel like my audience will figure that out", I know EXACTLY how you feel. Every time I preformed that old concept, it felt kind of silly. And even if I acted my ass off, there was still a major doubt in the minds of my audience.
Anything is the solution to that problem. While similar, its such a simple improvement that makes A WORLDS DIFFERENCE. I just started preforming Anything and the reactions I have recieved are stunning. People literally grabbing me, asking how in the hell did you just do that. You have to tell me. That's impossible!

This is my new closer!

Great concept for an old affect

Really useful for a one ahead method. Like the idea and have been looking to use it in a set


The second I bought it I disconnected from the world I learned and want to perform it and it works amazing and for 2 Dollars...
One of the best buys of the year.

Excellent Tutorial for 2$

For 2$,this is incredible. The amount of instructions and detail put into it is mind blowing. The method is simple but the presentation is superb. 5 Stars!

Ankur Arora
The best One Ahead teachings

What else do you look for, here you will find the best one ahead complete teachings, i mean everything yes everything related to this principle, for this small amount and you are thinking to read another review 🤔 go for itttt....