ARGENT (meaning Silver in French) is coin magic for the streets. A collection of 13 sleights and routines that are 100% impromptu.

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“Wow. I can’t believe this guy is French. I’m jealous!”
- David Stone


Clément Di natale specializes in ‘new, old ideas’ - taking inspiration from the greats and applying new adaptations to make them even more practical. 

ARGENT (meaning Money or Silver in French) is coin magic for the streets. A collection of 13 sleights and routines that are 100% impromptu. Ready to go every time you are. 

The material taught on ARGENT uses: 

  • No Gaffs
  • No Gimmicks 
  • & No Sleeves 


“What?! That looks way too good! I need to learn that!”

Most of the material taught can be performed in a t-shirt. Including our absolute favorite routine ‘invisible travel’. 

Worth the price of the project alone, it’s a take on the classic coins across plot. With one coin vanishing from one hand and appearing in the other (after you’ve just shown it to be completely empty).

“Taking his cues from Kirk Kokinos, Clément has discovered a new application for an old technique that I think you will really enjoy!” 
-Eric Jones

You will learn:  

  • 3 Coins From Nowhere 
  • Invisible Travel 
  • Time Travel 
  • Aerial Travel 2.0 
  • 3 Coins Through Hand 
  • IT Vanish 
  • NT Vanish 
  • Vaniflip Spellbound 
  • WP Spellbound 
  • WP Vanish 
  • WP Production 
  • Blow Visual Vanish (bonus thoughts by Avi Yap) 
  • Karate Coin Variation 
  • Imagination Coins Variation (using no gimmicks)

"Clement’s touch in Coin magic is just pure magic and elegant! This is what coin magic should look like!"

In over 1 hour of multi-angle HD video, you’ll learn the secret methods to some of the cleanest, open-handed coin magic on earth. 

Nothing this good comes for free, but we want you to know that you shouldn’t be scared of effort. The time you put into ARGENT will pay off forever.


Anyone can do a beginner coin trick, but this stuff puts you on a whole new level. You’ll be untouchable. 

Available to learn instantly, get ready to pay your dues in dropped coins. 

vive le france



All moves and variations and correctly credited within the explanations. Including Clément’s inspirations behind each move or routine. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nick van Herpen

So clean! Very amazing!


It looks so clean! Brilliant!

Samuel So

There are some nice ideas in this project.


This is the best tutorial to learn coin I ever seen !
I recommend at 100% !

Brandon Villarreal

I learned it and I was like okay then I started performing it and was like WOW this gets amazing reactions

Tommy Skold
A MUST have!

This is a great product! Get it now!


This is what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve refrained from coin magic for years but this will be part of my routine. To be able to show both hands empty, no gimmicks, no sleeves, is so great.
I finally fooled my wife.

Ashton Ardenti
Actually practical

It's very rare to see coin magic that's workable, simple, and strong. Yet here it is.

Moritz H
Coin magic as it should be

You get some pretty cool ideas in this project you can use not just for this effects but also for lots of other effects you can imagine. This is coin magic as it should be. Not a suspicious other hand. Two completely empty hands after the coin disappeared in front of the spectator's eyes.

Joe Comey

it is very good. It will add to your coin magic. The main vanish can takes some time to acquire to get it 100% down. I have been working on it in less than a week and can get it about 50%of the time. He has four vanishing techniques Two are really easy to pick up and give you amazing results. The video and instructions is excellent. It is well worth the money. You can implement these techniques in other routines. Great material to vanishes multiple coins.