The EASIEST star sign revelation. They never type anything in. They never write anything down. They never say it out loud. 

ASTRO requires absolutely ZERO memory work... you can make the gimmick at home. 

Buy today & learn it instantly. 

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"This COULDN'T be made any easier. If it was any easier than this, they'd just be telling you their star sign."

We see these comments all the time.

  • "I can’t do what Pete Turner does."

  • "His memory is better than mine."

  • "I don’t have enough spare time to practice."

And it’s fair. Most people don’t have years to put into one routine.

That’s why Pete has designed ASTRO for you.

Get the power of propless mentalism, from a gimmick that you already have in your hand.

ASTRO is a gimmick you can make at home to cheat your way to a perfect star sign divination.

Based on his famous ISABELLA STAR routine (same method, but now with a gimmick), ASTRO allows you to correctly predict their star sign, every single time with absolutely ZERO memory work.

In this instant download, he’ll show you how to construct the gimmick in under 2 minutes - and the secret to how ASTRO works, surefire, without fail - every time.

For those who bought ISABELLA STAR and found it too hard, this is PERFECT for you.

And for those that have never heard of it - and want to quickly learn how to divine ANYONE’S star sign - there’s no better place to start than ASTRO. It literally requires no prior knowledge or skill of any kind.

  • Easy to make.
  • Easy to perform.
  • Easy to master.

This is ASTRO. Exclusive to 

Buy today and learn it immediately

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Customer Reviews

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Joshua Johnson
Good astrology routine

I enjoyed watching this. It's providing a method for if you were uncomfortable performing Isabella Star. If you use this method for a while you would probably be able to drop it after a while and do it propless. But it gives you a crutch to get started. You can apply the method to other routines. I probably won't use it as I have a few star sign revelation routines I'm already comfortable with. That said, at the price I'm still happy to sit and watch them talk through the routine as there are ideas that can be taken away.