Bicycle Black Tiger Deck

Ellusionist took the standard red deck you can pull off the shelf of ANY drugstore shelf and turned it into...

Without obtaining permission, Ellusionist designed a break-out black version of the drugstore red Bicycle deck half of America had stashed in kitchen drawers.

They presented it, suddenly and without notice, to hundred year old United States Playing Card Company, the behemoth that had the Bicycle brand under lock and key.

A comparatively tiny company, Ellusionist had forged a name taking risks in it's own field and considered this merely another stepping stone in development. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

They waited, knowing that the by-the-book, older company wouldn't let their 126 year old brand be messed with.

Miraculously, after a waiting period, Ellusionist received a phone call from USPC legal.

THIS is the Bicycle Tiger deck, as it was first presented that very first day.

• A beast of a deck with big black claws
• The deck that forced a staid industry see that they could break out
• Over a quarter million sold, plus the one you're going to take :-)
• Thank you to Steve Jobs. Apple bought 700 for every software engineer that worked on OSX

Never has the Bicycle looked better, and you get Ellusionist attitude free - in every deck.

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False advertising, I ordered one thing they sent me something else and ignored me when I tried to contact them