Quicker than a blink and at bare fingertips, cause your post-it note prediction to BURST into another. 

Available in Single or Double change variations on 2 Bicycle Rider-back colors. 

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Choose Option: Single Change - Blue

The 'Single Change' gimmick can change the post-it note once... Perfect for real-world performers

single change burst

Quicker than a blink and at bare fingertips, cause your post-it note prediction to burst into another. 

This gimmick has a dirty secret, filthy visuals - but ends clean. 

Because that post-it note can be immediately peeled off after the change and handed out for inspection. 

You'll get this ready-to-go, handmade precision gimmick. Complete with post-it notes ready for you to customize the change however you want.

NOTE: The hard work is done. So you won't need to build the gimmick. Each one is hand-made and quality-controlled by the creator himself. 

The 'Double Change' gimmick can change the post-it note twice... Perfect for social media influencers

double change burst

A shake and it changes once - a flick and it changes again! 

This one took us by surprise. You think it's over and then "BAM" it changes AGAIN!  

The double change gimmick is available in Bicycle Red or Blue versions... and as with the single variation, that post-it note is clean after all the changes, you can peel it off and give it to them. That's where the heat is. 

However, due to the added complexity, it's not as instant reset as the single-change variation. We recommend this one for social media, showreels, zoom shows and general badassery. 


Perform the craziest Angle Z finalé... And have it land in their hand

angle z burst

We defy anyone with eyes to watch the above and say that doesn't look like real magic.

This uses the single-change gimmick. It's super clean. You flick and the corner you drew will materialize into existence and land in their awaiting hand. 

That post-it note can then be peeled off and given to your spectator to inspect. It's clean. 

NOTE: Sometimes these gimmicks are so complex, they can be a nightmare to repair after continuous use. NOT BURST. The repair is face-smackingly easy - so even if you damage your gimmick, you won't need to buy a brand new one. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Matt Howard
Clean and fun

Looks great as a one off on social media, and if you’re willing to put the time in for the sleight of hand the live version is great too! i’ve used it in a parlour setting a few times at it gets great reactions!

Great Product with Priceless Reactions

As a substitute teacher, I enjoy rewarding students with tricks, including Burst. The possibilities are endless and it doesn't have to be something like "2 (Hearts);" the promo video, for example, includes other ways to use Burst, and I found other ways to use it too, including using it as a motivational. I believe it to be a great and simple product and the expressions of students are priceless.

Aqil Khaizuran Bin Sani

Burst- simple and amazing trick, always. Get crazy reactions

Roger Yaholnitsky

So smooth and well made I love it !!!!!!!!!

Terry Quan




Ian Smith

I’m not a working magician, just a hobbyist who performs one or two tricks at friends/ family gatherings so I have to rely on misdirection and gimmicks as my handling is pretty poor compared to you professionals out there (actually it’s dreadful) The beauty of Burst is its simplicity, it’s easy to set up and you can be a complete novice and get great and believable results in minutes with very little that can go wrong . Resets might be problematic (unless You have the double version I guess - I purchased the single) but for what I do it’s not an issue and I’m sure the pros out there will have enough in their armoury to get around that) I suspect that the ‘flcking’ will cause wear a tear in time but it’s fairly well made so you should get a decent amount of use out of it long before then and it’s advertised as easy to repair and I’ve seen nothing to don’t that as long as you are careful

This is very much my kind of trick !

A happy customer

Ori Freund
Burst Trick

This honestly looks like a fantastic illusion and trick, and it definitely delivers!
I like the fact that there are two versions of the trick, if you want to change things up a little or maybe make an impression, for instance, as if you've guessed wrongly when in fact you have got the upper hand. Then, when they least expect - you reveal and your prediction changes, once or even twice!
Illusionist always manages to come up with great ideas for tricks partnered with lots of very skilled people. Keep working hard and delivering awesome products!


Great visual card gaff

Nathan Nokes

You know a trick is good when you know the method and it’s still awesome. That’s Burst! I highly recommend this!