Red Cohorts v2

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Red Cohorts have become one of our best selling decks, the favorite amongst all the professional magicians we work with. 

Why? The unsuspecting look, the revolutionary marking system... but most importantly the way they FEEL. 

So naturally,
 we wanted to bring the original red Cohorts to the same level. Printed on luxury E7 stock the Red Cohorts feel as good as they perform. With a thinner, more durable deck these playing cards are unlike any other. 

But one thing hasn't changed. Hidden within the linesof the intricate back design are markings undetectable to the untrained eye. Easily readable for any magician, card mechanic or mentalist out there.



Each deck comes with 52 cards, 2 jokers, 1 alternate color double-backer and a duplicate Queen of spades (for obvious magical reasons). All fitted with the same revolutionary marking system only the Cohorts can deliver.  

These WILL be a continued staple for Ellusionist, but for right now Red Cohorts V2s are only available in a limited quantity.

Stock up now. 

Customer Reviews

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Sam Hodson
Why have I taken so long in getting these awesome and perftly marked.

These are super and look normal to do all your card magic...feel smooth and they come with several gaffes...get them asap!

Aman Alhamid
Best cards I use. Period.

I have been using Bicycle 808's for almost 20 years. I first explored Cohorts after playing with a deck that belonged to a friend. I was blown away!

Not only do they handle like a dream but they look stunning while also being above suspicion at the same time. They don't look odd or out of place at all. Very classy and beautiful card stock.

The best part about them is that they last. They last and last and last and I'm talking about me using the same deck for about 6 to 8 months. They still handle beautifully after being used so extensively and in the humid weather of Singapore nonetheless.

Oh and that's not all.

With this deck you can perform Stretch Cards AND they are marked! The markings are so easy to read and I can't tell you how they've helped me out of so many pickles.

I hate to admit it, but I struggle to go back to my Bikes. Everytime I reach into my case to grab a deck, I pause over the Bikes...then I grab the Cohorts.

I just ordered a brick of 12 decks during Black Friday.

Nuff said.

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Justin Miller
A DECK that will go down in history as not only unique but MEMORABLE

E and Miller are back again! YEP! What are the projects? Cannot say right now, BUT I will say that one of them uses this AMAZING deck. The moment I cracked open the tuck and slid the cards out I KNEW I had something special in my hands. Durable, silky and incredibly addictive:) I think you will agree once you get your hands on them. OH, and the MARKINGS are SUPER easy to read and even easier to find... QUICKLY.

yves meunier
red cohorts v2

I'm very please with this pack of cards.worth the price.It's realy as the video says.Good quality,subtil mark deck,easy to read.It's a must.

David Peltier
Red Cohorts

The blending of the cards suit and value is excellent. Easy to read without being obvious. My only complaint is that the double back card is the same on both sides.

Edmundo Chico
Review for red cohorts v2

These card are f#$%ing awesome! The stock quality is great ready to go right out of the box. The cards have a real classy look to them. And the best part is the marking system so easy to read. I woul definitely recommend these card for anyone looking for a marked deck.

antonijo mitar
Red Cohorts v2

This is best marking system I have used!!
It's easy to read but at the same time it's hard to read for spectator point of view.
All recommendations☺

Martin Guérin-Boutaud
Great cards, marking invisible

The cards handle very well right from the start. I love the marking which is really invisible to the uninitiated eye, but easy enough to read for the magician. The double backer and extra queen of spades is a big plus for me, I love when decks contain those extra cards. It opens a world of possibilities. Overall excellent deck, I recommend it strongly.

Andrew Michaud
Great Deck of Cards

Quality at its finest. I’ve been a huge fan of every purchase I’ve ever made through Ellusionist and this definitely takes the cake when it comes to decks if cards! The shuffle, fan, card spring and overall handle is purely divine in every aspect. Thank you for making an amazing product!

Red Cohorts v2

Amazing deck i have ever seen!