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Pass any objects through the void in a completely solid playing card.

  •  - Easy to build
  •  - Simple to perform
  •  - Resets instantly
  •  - As visual as it gets

He told us it was black art and we were still FOOLED.

Continuum is a custom illusion for video, zoom or social media performances.

Pass any objects through the void in a completely solid playing card.

  •  Easy to build
  •  Simple to perform
  •  Resets instantly
  •  As visual as it gets

Jason takes his time to show you the nuances behind Continuum and how to make it invisible. His extra handlings and ideas will teach you how to make any objects pass through the void - pens, fingers, coins, poker chips, other cards... Anything!

This is not a flap card that snaps shut, this is an ingenious gimmick that floored every single member of our team. One that you can build at home in just a few minutes and with zero gimmicking-experience.

Continuum is proof that when you take away the limitations of real-world performing when you can control how your audience absorbs the magic, then miracles become possible.

Access instantly, perform today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Clever methode

If you need want a trick that Can be donne by zoom or social network but this without hesitation you will love it and the methode is clever

Visually amazing

Looks great on camera and well worth the money, video explains the effect perfectly and the making of the effect is very simple and easy to follow.

Shai Mizrachi
Easy and refreshing

This method takes a little while to create the gimmick but once you’ve got it, the routine itself is easy and it’s a refreshing magic. Something great for online. Wholeheartedly recommend this visual magic if you don’t mind making it.

Dennis DerT
Great Work

Very well explained, easy to follow instructions and looks great on camera
Love it

Ace Aguilar
Well worth the money

For how simple it is to make the gimmick the visuals speak for themselves highly recommended!!!!!!

alberto ramacciotti

effetto davvero di impatto! molto facile da costruire e da eseguire,Chiaramente è molto importante l'angolo di inquadratura dell obbiettivo,Devo dire che da molta soddisfazione nell'eseguirlo !!!!

Ethan Jaffe
Great for camera!

Jason goes into great detail explaining this effect and the the building and teaching is pretty easy too. If you haven’t built gimmicks before, this is a great introduction! Definitely recommend for social media or zoom shows

Henry Ferris

Brilliant trick.
Great tutorial.
Worth the money.
The gimmick is great.
Make take a few attempts to properly build.
But definitely buy.

Tyler Lunsford
Love Jason’s work!

This is a great visual for your socials! Jason is such a clever and creative guy, if social media magic is your thing, pick this up!

Matthew A Griffin
Awesomely fun

Very visual and amazing. Plenty of uses and not simply limited to what is taught. Infinite possibilities.