Crazy Mans Penetrations

Danny Urbanus
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Featuring Danny's all-new, faster & easier hook-up

If you've bought Danny's previous release, the versions you'll learn here are his all-new, updated and improved handlings. These are new effects, new methods and a far easier hook-up.

For new fans, you only need Crazy Man's Penetrations... it contains everything. 

"This is the closest to real magic I've seen with a rubber band. Direct and visual."
- Patrick Kun (@PatrickKun)

Crazy Man's Penetrations is hands-down, the best rubber-band effect we've seen. Two borrowed objects cleanly pass through one another. 

It's so visual that if you told us it was fake, we'd probably believe you. 

A borrowed object can:

  • Go through a band
  • Go through two bands
  • Go through an invisible band (seriously)
  • Go through a single strand of a broken band... and back

There isn't any configuration of rubber band penetrations that ISN'T covered on this project.

Danny presents 6 routines for real-world performing and 6 effects to floor your fans on social media.

“These effects are too crazy to be true.”
- Hanson Chien (@hansonchien529)


The methods (plural... there's more than one) behind Crazy Man's Penetrations are so devious, you can use almost any borrowed objects:

  • Straws
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Bottles
  • Fingers
  • Phones

"These effects look like real magic”
-  Nicholas Lawrence

When you purchase this project you'll get instant streaming & download access to every fully-formed original creation Danny has on this plot. 

For real-world performing you'll learn

  • Lazy-er man’s penetration
  • Not as lazy man’s penetration
  • Choosing your penetration (Michał Sterna)
  • Broken Band
  • Vanish all the way
  • No strings attached

For blowing up your social media, you'll learn:

  • Infinite penetrations
  • Paper hat
  • Invincible band
  • Safety not guaranteed
  • Cmp
  • Floating Straw

Crazy Man's Penetrations is the definitive rubber-band effect and a must-learn for all magicians. 

Get instant access & start learning today.

"The most visual and satisfying penetrations in rubberband magic." 
- Dr Cyril Thomas

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Worth every penny!

I am so glad I purchased this effect! Totally worth the $15. It’s a little tricky to learn, but so is every great effect. Thank you Ellusionist for only putting out the best!

Rubber MotherTrick

This little gem oozes visual penetration, fantabulous realism of a routine. Almost prop-less magic. I really enjoyed watching myself practicing performing this in the mirror, but learning this little marvel is a complete joy. It does take quite a lot of practice for the whole routine, but to do the basic penetration can be picked up quite quickly.

Crazy Mans Penetrations was easy to learn and quickly effective

I let this be my introduction into rubber band magic and although starting with the basics would have been better, it was not too difficult to learn and I am fooling everyone with it. I mean it gets great results and blows people away - I never thought rubber band magic could be so strong.

Nice idea

This is the best effect trick for 2021
I very very love it , it real magic , easy to do

Great band effects!

Great download if you like rubber and magic. The teaching is very clear and he shows everything from 2 angels so it’s easy to follow. He takes his time and explains everything very well imo. Worth the purchase!

Crazy Man’s Penetration

Really visual effect and the tutorial was really easy to follow!

Wow 🤩

So much awesome stuff on this project teaches you many different variations perfect for zoom shows and social media as well as in person performances. A lot of ideas from Danny really help you to think outside of the box especially if you are into rubber band magic

Great effect

Danny you are awesome.

Great trick

Great rubber band truck! Simple and effective. Especially for camera feed

Instant return on investment

After the first segment you’ll be off to the races. A great addition to any rubber band repertoire. The technique is surprisingly as simple as the effect.

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