Divide & Divine

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You can buy the secret for just $9 today, or learn this trick & over 50 others as part of Christian's Magic Monthly membership.


Divide & Divine is one the most devious methods we've ever seen. 

No markings. They Cut. They Shuffle. Your Back is turned - but you can still read their mind. 

Christian Grace is known for cunning methods and this is no different. 

It's fun to learn, easy to set-up and killer to perform. 

For $9, what more do you want? 

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Customer Reviews

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Gabriele Sanna
Divide and Divine

This trick caught my curiosity in the trailer for different reason but is so simple, effective, magician-fooling. A great addition to my show! If you want a strong card mentalism trick this is a great go to!


Clever method! Will take some practice but a lot of outs and cold reading people.

Nick van Herpen
Very clever

Very clever and great trick

Rohan McCourt
VV good!!!

Very fooling to all!! With practice, and a bit more thinking, can be transferred to your go to stack!! Would recommend!

Frédérik Lachance

That's a very good trick! It's a bit hard to be honest , but I think that with practice it's not that hard! I recommend it!

Daniel Bowie Soriano
Brilliant effect!

It is very rare to have a magic effect where the method is as amazing as the effect itself. This is one of those cases.

The method is so devious and interesting. Christian takes you through everything, step by step.

Such a great effect! I definitely recommend this to anyone.

Carl Lundgren
Divide and Divine

Awesome!! Very clever.

Bedwyr Meurig Hughes
Divide and divine

Completely fooling everyone im showing this to, amazing trick and really dosent take too long to practice!

It feels like real magic

You have to practice the method but the results you get are worth it

Isaiah Kirkbride
So worth it

Recently getting back into magic and this trick is so simple and so powerful. Great job!