EDC Peek wallet

Turns the back of your phone into a powerful peek device.

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The trailer is being filmed at Blackpool Magic Convention (next week) & will drop Feb 21st - but your wallet will ship immediately. 

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Turn the Back of Your Phone into a Powerful Peek Device 

The EDC Peek Wallet allows you to combine your Peek wallet WITH your actual phone...

Making one, sleek mentalism weapon. 

We don't need to oversell it. You'll see how much value you'll get from it by watching the video below.

This is the original submission video sent to Ellusionist with Adrian's prototype EDC Peek Wallet...

As you can see, the peek is flawless - and the wallet looks natural. 

"Wow! A powerful, simple, practical tool I'll use to read minds". 
– Cyril Takayama

"EDC Peek is beautifully simple and perfectly invisible. Even those who avoid peek wallets will want this!"
- Chris Carter

"This is one of the most deceptive peek devices I’ve ever seen. Absolutely brilliant!"
– Marc Paul

Disguised as a normal-looking wallet for the back of your phone, the EDC Peek Wallet isn't just for iPhones.

The pre-adhesive layer allows you can stick it to the back of your Android devices too. Making it universal

The wallet is made from genuine leather and is approximately:
  • 67mm wide 
  • 95mm in length
  • + An impressively thin design of just 3mm. 


edc peek wallet sizes

"A really useful, always-with-you method for mental miracles."
– R. Paul Wilson

"This is the type of peek that I really enjoy. Well covered, simple and hidden in plain sight. I have no doubt it would go undetected and in the right hands… break brains!"
- Chris Rawlins

"Adrian Lacroix's EDC is a wallet-style peek for a walletless age. It's subtle, simple, and, most importantly, deceptive."
– Jared Kopf

Great Minds Think Alike: We'd like to acknowledge some independent creators that have contacted Ellusionist to say that they too, have explored the idea of the EDC Peek Wallet. So we want to give a shout-out to Remy Connor and Dani Marko.

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Karrer

I’ve been waiting for a simple/effective peek wallet to come along and do exactly what I need it to do without drawing heat! Now, I have it!