Erdnase x Madison

Daniel Madison

THE RETELLING OF A LEGEND. Written in 1902 by a careful rounder or convincing fraud, The Expert At The Card Table has ingrained itself into the tapestry of modern magic. This is Madison's take on the legend of Erdnase.

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ExM1 - False Shuffles at the Table
ExM2 - False Shuffles in the Hands
ExM3 - Palming and Holding Out
ExM4 - False Dealing
ExM5 - Miscellaneous
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1 year ago I decided to take on a legend who turned out to be a fake. I locked myself in a room, void of all distractions and shut down my social media accounts.

Studying, memorizing and mastering the infamous book from 1902: The Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase.

It's taken me all around the world to find out more about the man. Exploring LA, New York, Paris & London in the search of answers.

The Original EXM set

The Original EXM Set
The Original EXM Deck


This huge collection is not just about me teaching you everything from the myth Erdnase created.

The secrets within this truly unique project have influenced my career over 15 years. I realized I'm better  than Erdnase, and I can prove it.

Even though the original box set is no longer available, I can still offer you my experience & knowledge through the digital medium. You'll have access to the downloads an and annotated PDF version of Expert at the Card table.

This will be my last major project.



The Second Deal
The Bottom Deal
The Greek Deal
False Shuffle Theory
ITH False Riffle Shuffle
False Overhand Shuffle
Vice Shuffle
Ghost Shuffle
Perfect Riffle Shuffle
Push-Through Shuffle
Broken Bridge Shuffle
Blackjack Strip
Coat Shuffle
The Table Blackout Shift
Table Riffle Shuffle
Over Cut
The Madison Shift
SWE Shift
The Broken Pass
The Classic Pass
Frank Hop
Ghost Cut
Amnesia Cut
Bypass Cut
Broken Running Cut
Jacket Shuffle
Ladder Shuffle
Scratch Cut
Slip Cut 1
Slip Cut 2
Single-Handed Shift
The Classic Palm
The Gamblers Cop
The Hotel Cop
The Turnover Pass
The Squeeze Shift
Ten Steal
The Top Cop
The Slip Cop
No Soap Theory
Stacking Ideals
Slug Controls
Mexican Switch
Erdnase Color Change

exm Project


Containing 8 hours of instructional walkthroughs that can be binged upon in a day, or studied over decades. This challenges the norm that we've chosen to accept. There are 5 major sections, each as formidable as the other. Stream directly to any device while you're on the go, or download and study each video second by second.

Accompanying the videos is an digital annotated copy of Expert at the Card table. See what was running through the head of Daniel Madison as he was studying the material himself.

Better than

"I'm better than Erdnase, and I can prove it."

Daniel Madison

Erdnase x Madison

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Great Course

This is an amazing project around Erdnase's work. The things that you learn are mostly used in gambling but most of them are pretty useful on card magic too. Daniel Madison is a great teacher. (Plus you get the book that contains some pieces too)


This contains almost everything in mechanic minus a few moves. However, there is so much more than I had expected. I wish I had got this instead of Mechanic initially. Definitely worth buying!


There is so much included in this that you will never get through it all. The only issue with this in that Madison almost goes into too much detail which can be long winded but this really a nitpick.
Get it and come back to it every few months to find something new.


Best thing I've ever bought. It is worth it just for the false shuffles and false deals. If you liked Mechanic, you will love this project since it goes even more in depth and teaches more moves. More importantly you will learn that Erdnase was not so great after all, and that Madison has taken what he learned from Erdnase and made the moves better, so you should be glad this project is not just teaching Erdnase. This project is also not teaching how to actually cheat, but rather how to use these skills in demonstrations.


I only got the videos so i can say nothing about the deck, but the quality and the teaching is just absolutely phenomenal. I got the full foundation series, Mechanic, Wesly James's Erdnase and obviously this one. I guess if you wanna learn the sleights on video you can never go wrong with this. Compared to mechanic there aren't much newer sleights but everything is more detailed. A lot of what he teaches had been published either in Moves Project or Mechanic. The video is 8 hours long and almost half of it is his philosophies and ideas about this art, which is always worth watching. Even if you learn everything perfectly it isn't complete and doesn't make you Steve Forte. But if you are a beginner or intermediate you can definitely use it to get to a decent knowledge and ability in crooked gambling sleights.
The only down side about it is the price. Always in all video downloads you pay much more than a book like Expert at the Card Table or Expert Card Technique.
If you want a cheaper way of learning these sleights you can simply buy a book for less than half the price.
But if you are like me and can't learn from books easily this download is the best place to get you started.


It is not worth the money if you already bought Mechanic. He teaches nothing really new, one false in the hand shuffle and the rest which is new in this project he even said that he's nearly embarrassed to teach this, because it is so obvious. The only good thing in this project is his opinion the whole cheating demonstration.
I?m very disappointed in this project and I think I?ve wasted my money.


It has been awhile since I ordered any online magic or card training product and I stumbled upon this trailer and of course the other reviews.

This is great stuff. I've had it only a week and I find myself constantly watching the videos over and over, and I've only watched one on false shuffling. The instruction is fantastic and the cards are incredible. I just wish I wasn't so late to the game because i would love to get my hands on a couple more ExM decks.

Highly recommended. You will correct previous faults and gain a fresh perspective on old moves . Nice work Daniel.


This is the best tool to help you develop sleights you already know, and learn sleights you don't.


Fantastic Product... Did not know with what to expect at first and debated to buy it but then once I bought it I had absolutely no regrets. He is very clear with the mechanics and great pointers on how to make each move better and more unnoticed. BUY IT, ALL OF IT


Hi everyone!
I have to say it's a sublime book I have the original S.W Erdnase book too and Daniel Madison's take on it is a real nice perspective it also made me look at it in a different kinda way.
It's a pleasing box and package all round the playing cards that are included are better than fine!
It's really cool that the green edition of the ExM cards are only available in the box set it just gives that exclusive feeling to it and the design is just sublime!
These are the actual cards that are drawn up in the original book and Madison took this idea and made it into a real deck of supreme playing cards!
To get back on the book, it contains all the information the original does but with Madison's take on it with his perspective on it, I for one really love it!
To all of you who are still doubting themselves I say just go for it it's more than worth it!

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