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NOTE This product is not intended for the Pyro or Pyro Mini products. Using these in any Pyro product will void it's warranty.

This is Magicians Flash Paper. With Flash Paper you can produce flames from your finger tips. Flash Paper ignites into a brilliant flame when touched by a lighter, match or any extreme heat source.

Can be used for dozens of effects. We have 2 sizes of Flash Paper. The 8x9 inch flash paper size can be cut or torn into many smaller pieces.

Or we have 2x3 inch flash pads. Great for coin magic or other close up magic effects.

For use by professionals at their own risk. Buyer must be 18+

Flash Paper 4 sheets 8" x 9"

Flash Pads 20 sheets 2" x 3"

Warning: Do not use Flash Paper or Flash Pads in any Pyro device. It will cause the Pyro to malfunction and void the warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Alan Michael Scott
Great Balls of Fire!

I haven’t used flash paper in decades!
It used to come in a basic envelope and was always ready to go. Now, because of “safety regulations” it comes Wet.
Since I’m not one for reading instructions, I didn’t let it dry out, as instructed, before trying it out, and it still burned great!
When I DID it as instructed, it worked even better!

Ryan Hebert
Flash paper is amazing

The flash paper is a great way touch to end my show. Will always have some in my routine

erick vidaurreta
Flash paper

Very good product just what i expected i love it!

Eric Knispel

Not sure where you get this stuff but it works better than the Rollex watch I bought from a different website. Students in my chem class say that not only is it 'lit' but they say that this stuff is 'fire.' Now I try to explain that its actually nitrocellulose BEFORE it becomes fire and that only happens AFTER it's 'lit.' Apparently, we are all speaking English but not speaking the same language.
What kind of magic trick do sell to solve that problem? So now that I received the shipment in record time, I am ready to get back to work.


really good packaging works perfectly!

Toni Mitev
Flash for the win

I have tried the paper, but the pads...oh the pads. With most of my orders I always get myself a set of the flash pads and I never get disappointed. They burn out well, the size is suitable for most of the effects I want to perform. They are easy to tear to size when you need them smaller and the price is good. I don't know what one may need any more from flash pads. Just don't burn your eyebrows, alright.

Kurtis Brough
Well packaged

Not had chance to open them yet but they turned up with any issue.
I can’t imagine there being a issue with flash paper.

Flashing Paper

I am so happy with this purchase! With the Flash Ninja this flash paper is a super fun party trick. The paper was wet on delivery and drying it out didn't take too much time. Cutting proper size sheets was no problem either.

Justin Graf
Too much fun!

Quick drying and ready to go! Stuff is great! Definitely going to be a monthly purchase from now on! I mean.. who doesn't love just randomly throwing fireballs in public? Or just sitting here..or pondering the things you use it for in reveils.. Definitely an attention getter!

Gael Moreno

Good but more pages should have Ben included

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