FLITE checks so many boxes, our pen just ran out. 

The gimmick has been engineered with a deceptive, easy load method.

This means you can vanish the ring and make it appear among your keys with one fluid action - as you take them out of your pocket. 

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FLITE is a ring flight gimmick, re-engineered.

See Flite
  • No threads
  • No clips
  • No magnets
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Loads easily
  • Unlinks easily 
  • Resets instantly - perfect for walkaround and restaurant work
  • Can be repeated instantly
  • Can be handled by the spectator
  • Can be used as a visual effect
  • Links multiple rings at a time
  • Performable while surrounded 
  • ... and is always ready to go. <and breathe...>

FLITE checks so many boxes, our pen just ran out. 

The gimmick has been engineered with a deceptive, easy load method. This means you can vanish the ring and make it appear among your keys with one fluid action - as you take them out of your pocket. 

Because their ring actually ends up attached to the keyring itself, you can even let them get microscopically close and pull right on it... It's really on there.

In fact, FLITE is so easy to use, you can even give the loaded gimmick to your spectator to hold... before the ring has even-vanished, or use it as a visual linking effect. 

"The link is so fast and pure, it can even be used as a visual effect. Which you can't do with other ring flights."
- Tom Elderfield


Flite Box

The components used for FLITE are of the highest quality. Let's face it, you need something reliable that's going to last you tens of thousands of performances, whether it's casual or paid - you can put FLITE through the wringer.

  • Made with premium-grade metals for durability
  • Safe & secure
  • With normal use, FLITE should last you a lifetime. 

BEHIND THE SCENES: We produce a lot of magic at Ellusionist. Not every product suits every style. However, FLITE is one of those gimmicks that's so good, every single member of our team has personally asked for one. 


Tom Elderfield steps in for Steve and breaks down exactly what makes FLITE unique. Then he'll show you how to use your FLITE gimmick in a way that melts your audiences. With hundreds of performances under his belt, he's got some incredible insight on how to best perform FLITE for maximum impact.

The good news is, for those that aren't ready to get too close to their audiences or have them touch your items, FLITE can be utilized for visual routines too. Once you know the secret, you'll be able to link inspected or borrowed objects out in the open, turning 'ring flight', for the first time, into a visual spectacle.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Creator Steve Thompson links other objects to FLITE in his performances. Including a pair of scissors, showing you just how versatile this gimmick is. It's not just reserved for rings. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews
Joe Burroughs
Flite is simple and elegant

Ok, I now carry this as my daily key ring because it’s that well made. It is so cool to be able to pull out a trick anywhere at anytime and blow people away. Sometimes I just fiddle with it at the bar or on the train in to work… it always starts a conversation!

Nick Lande
Flight is Fantastic

If you want to perform a ring flight this is is easy, and very fooling. I like how much easier this is to execute than my previous ring flite. Setup is almost non existent. Fantastic!

Brandon Villarreal

The angles are almost zero because of how visual it is

David MacBlane
Great Ring Flight

Flite from Ellusionist is a great tool. This is actually my second key ring for Flite. The first was broken during a regular performance but Ellusionist replaced it immediately.
I've used this gimmick 100's of times and for different effects/routines. There are other Ring Flights on the market, but this one is super simple, gets huge reactions and is so simple that you have to order it to see just how versatile it is. I love it and I you will find several routines that work for you.
I actually use the gimmick as my real, everyday, key ring. It's perfect, easy to carry and something you will most certainly get great results.

Alan Smith
Best Ring Flite

This requires some practice, but not a lot.
The ring vanish taught is short. If you’re not used to vanishing coins or rings, that will take more time than using Ring Flite.
I use Richard Sanders, “Any Ring” and it works better than any retention vanish and is easy to perform with.
I’m very pleased to own this and can’t wait to freak people out.


A great trick, beautifully simple, well crafted gimmick. The same high quality I’ve come to expect from ellusionist!

Harold Willy Gómez Antolin

Excelente Juego de magia, es impresionante todo lo que se puede lograr.

Instantly integrated into my EDC

Very little skill needed. If you've learned to disappear a small object, then you can do this. GET IT...NUFF SAID. I've used it over 1,000 times already and there is nothing "breakable" to stop another 1,000.

Excellent Product

The product is easily placed on my regular key chain. I have a little magnetic clasp to separate it from the bull of my other keys to make it easier if I just want the device and my house key attached. Took me about 30 minutes to get the basics down very nicely. Watching the moves he did in the live performance after the teaching of the product gave me an even better understanding of how he does the ring vanish. I’ve used it several times making sure to place the key carefully into the observers hand as to not accidentally reveal anything and after using it several times no one has once been able to figure it out. I plan to add this as a finale of sorts to floating ring techniques such as tarantula or venom to show the ring levitate and then completely disappear onto my keychain in my pocket and there are some many separate magic ring effects happening that the observer doesn’t even have time to process how each element could occur, truly adding to the effect and awe. Great project for sure to add at the end of any ring type magic. Love it.

Brendan Haggerty
A Easy and Amazing Trick

I was really impressed with how simple and easy this was to use and the effect and reactions are great. Looking forward to making this another and different aspect to my "bag of tricks". I am a beginner and Flite is great because it doesn't take a lot to use it to blow peoples minds.