Gamblers Cop

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If Daniel Madison could only use one sleight for the rest of his life it would be the Gamblers Cop.

Madison has spent an exhaustive ten years discovering the secrets of this hold out - both in magic and in illegal gambling.

For the first time Daniel opens his personal journey with the Gambler's Cop, and shares with you the hidden details that make this move INVISIBLE. This Instant Download contains over 30 minutes of expert advice, tuition and routines, including card to pocket, switches, shifts, loads and vanishes.

The first thing Madison will teach is that the cop is not a thing to fear - but a sleight that you will utilize continuously in your card work.
    • Have a card placed on the table, but in reality it is in your palm instantly
    • An unbelievable technique for card in box that will fry your friends
    • Madison's personal handling of the infamous Diagonal Palm Shift utilizing the Gambler's Cop

  • So much more...

This is a master class on getting INTO, and OUT OF, the Gambler's Cop... for beginners and professionals alike. Welcome to the TRUE underground work on the infamous Gambler's Cop.

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Customer Reviews

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Samuel So
Overall pretty good

It covered the material it said it would in a relatively detailed manner.

jude jacob

Great not for beginners

Gambler's Cop

This is a crucial must have lesson for practicing sleight of hand. The concept sounds simple but with out giving too much away this move alone unlocks so many possibilites it's insane. Daniel Madison is one of the best teachers in my opinion and goes super in depth with everything he does. You know his passion is strong and it comes through with his tutorials. This one is important if you want to level up your skills in the dark art of card deception. Grab up anything he teaches and you won't regret it.

raymond garofalo

Gamblers Cop

(Almost) thorough

Daniel refers in ‚The Heritage‘ to this video. Unfortunately the only thing missing is the handling of the Gambler's cop with just a few cards like he does there. But all in all great value, don't miss it!

Sam Robert-Nicoud
Gamblers Cop by Daniel Madison Review

Great instruction and it’s amazing value for money. Includes really useful instruction I wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Tobias Lange
Gamblers cop

Thanks to this guide, my possibilities has increased tenfold.
I was really insecure with the gamblers cop before I bought this tutorial.
The tutorial raised questins I was asking myself, and now I am constantly training on my cop. I feel a lot more secure after this tutorial.

This is a MUST HAVE investment for any one beginning with magi.

Kind regards,


Daniel Madison does a superb job in this video explaining in great detail the intricacies of the gamblers cop. I recommend anybody to buy his products.


For the price, if you do not know the gamblers cop, you need to buy this. It is a must have!


OMG gambler cop saved me on a bad situation in public. You want be a good magicien. All products of madison it's just amazing. But you really needed gambler cop cuz this move gonna be saved your life. For me, I give 5 stars for this product.