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Glimmer is Lloyd Barnes' go-to Coin Through Glass.

Most Coin Through Glass effects shy away from the most crucial element, the visual. GLIMMER squares up and takes it on head to head.

If you’re using a coin to penetrate a glass, you should hold the glass naturally without covering the mouth and you better make damn sure you can see exactly the where and when that coin passes through glass. Otherwise, you may as well use a coffee mug. Most practitioners fail to do this.

Streamlined to perfection over almost a decade of real world performances, GLIMMER takes your audiences understanding of modern physics and beats it into submission. With no cover and inches away from their eyes, Lloyd passes particle through particle with nothing to hide.

• Impromptu.
• Borrowed.
• Easy to do.

Glimmer coin through Glass.


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Aaron N.
Verified Buyer


A great site run by some great people. The products they offer and the support they provide is fantastic. They care about their product and their business and everything I’ve gotten from them has been top quality and easily the best cards and gimmicks I’ve ever received.

V. Adams
Verified Buyer


From browsing the site to completing the order, it was easy to find everything I wanted.

Shipping was fast and products were delivered pristine.

Bradford Chase
Verified Buyer


Everything I purchase from Ellusionist is high quality, professional level goods. I’m an amateur but learning and I am never disappointed here as I am other sources. Love this company.

Bob M.
Verified Buyer


I am a repeat customer and everything I purchase I am beyond pleased with. If I have ever had an issue with anything I contact them and receive prompt responses and they always rectify an issue in more than a timely manner. Definitely a company in the magic world I’d recommend.

AAA Glimmer

Customer Reviews

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Shivam Kushwaha
Mind Cracker !

This coin and glass trick creates an amazing illusion which is enough to shock the person in front of you.

Sam L
Glimmer is Pure Gold

Glimmer is without a doubt the best “coin through glass” illusion I have ever owned or seen. The method is so devious and is very easy. You will love it !

Gino Buencamino
I love it.

It’s simple and direct both methodology and visual. It looks like it just goes through the glass.

Marco Frey
Absolute Stunner

An effect whose strength lies in its simplicity. Not difficult, ends practically clean and immediately examinable, resets instantly and the magic happens in front of their eyes. Completely impromptu, given a glass is around. For effect, you will want to use a large coin but it's also not necessary. For $3, What more could you ask for? This is worth $30 for a trick you can perform for the ladies when you end up in an old folks home.


Lloyd has done it again. Super simple and easy to do. If you were clever enough, you could do it with a signed coin. Super visual, a must get effect if you're a street magician. Very sneaky effect also. It's one of those tricks where the move happens when you least expect it. Awesome job!

Stephen Melancon

This is simply amazing. In fact this one effect that is so simple and simply powerful that you can forget how much of a miracle it is. Thankfully its such a crowd pleaser that its hard not to show off. Simply Beautiful, Thanks Lloyd.


The video quality is excellent.

His instructions are clear and the trick is easy to master.

Buy it today, practice it and perform it tomorrow.

It was the first thing I bought since I joined Ellusionist.


I think this is a great trick ! especially for $7
I mainly perform in bars and pubs so i have been trying to expand my repertoire from just card tricks and a few lowgrade straw tricks, I feel this trick will deffinitly amaze and have people telling their friends about you. The instructions are perfect, he doesnt babble on and repeat himself nor does he skip anything, I say it is very well taught.
Most of all I dont think this will take very long to learn, the moves are all fluent and basic. Im going to practice it tomorrow and then i plan on performing it the day after, so hopefully that gives an indication on how easy it should be to learn.
No gimmicks needed at all !
I would recommend this to everyone !

Julian Burt

I found this a fairly easy to perform effect. I have arthritis in my hands and have some difficulty performing close-up tricks not involving cards. Glimmer has very few moves and is not difficult to do. Although not angle-proof if you follow Lloyd's instructions you can overcome this. I did show it to my best critic, my wife, and she loved it. Please note I am not a professional performer, just a person who loves magic. Thank you Lloyd for this effect. I really like it.!

Nathan Jahja

This product was awesome, just finished practicing it and finally getting ready to show it off to the crowd. This effect is just so beautiful and super visual like those TV magic, be sure to add this to my magic routine!