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A Loop is an unseen 'device', nearly undetectable to the eye, that you will carry with you wherever you go. It takes up no room and you will forget you even have it on.

A Loop is a weapon used to shatter normal reality.

Loops are used by top pros like Blaine, Cyril, and Angel to create simple but powerful miracles.

"...the methods are unlike anything I have ever seen ..." - Chris Schuh, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Before now, no visual training has been available for Loops. Enter Ellusionist's insight and trick-packed 3 DVD Guerrilla Guide... own all three.

“Absolutely blew me away.” - Brendon, UK

The Guerrilla Guide is taught by experts Daniel Garcia, Justin Miller, and Nathan Kranzo. These three recognized master Loop Artists in the street magic world today will teach you what you MUST KNOW about Loops in order to use them with precision, control, and heightened showmanship.

“All 3 volumes are gems...” - Bauer, USA

Fast List
  • 16 tricks with over two hours of rare instruction
  • What to do in any lighting situation
  • Reduce Loop breakage by up to 90%
  • Key solutions if a Loop ever breaks during a show
  • Loop subtleties you never dreamed of
  • Taught in detail by experts Garcia, Kranzo and Miller
In The Box

Daniel Garcia's LIFE trick was inspired by Andrew Goldenhersh's signature presentation of Robert Neale's Butterfly fold.

Robert Neale's Buttlerfly fold can be found in his book Folding Money Fooling.

Daniel Garcia's HAIR, a moving psychic/mentalism effect using LOOPS as the catalyst.

Justin Miller's shattering CLOCK BLANK OUT trick.

Nathan Kranzo's version of the HAUNTED PACK... this one will stun you.

In all, 16 killer Loop tricks performed and taught by 3 Master Loop Artists, plus untold advice, interviews, stories and intricate loop subleties.



Nate Kranzo - Volume 1
(30 Minutes)

Haunted Pack
Spirit Forces
Possessed Band

Working Magicians Advice
Reduce Loop Breakage
Make Lighting Work for You

Daniel Garcia - Volume 2
(60 Minutes)

Outkast Revelation
Ring Sting

Inside Info Interview
The Beauty of Loops
First Loops Performance
Creating Belief in Your Spectator
Manipulate Lighting
On Loop Glare
On Getting Over Nerves

Justin Miller - Volume 3
(30 Minutes)

Blank Out
Fork Test
Shadow Reveal
Hinge Reveal

[Various advice from Justin is scattered throughout the video]

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Just performing two of the tricks, Life and the Haunted Deck, gets me not just glorious reactions, but I also get free fries, burgers, and McFlurries when I perform outside of McDonalds. What a nice way to get food.


I dont perform many of the effects on these dvds however they give great insight into all the various ways loops can be used. Daniel Garcia's dvd is hands down my favourite and there are a couple of real good workers in there.


Great DVD, i bought the daniel garcia one and its simply amazing !! All the effects make you good with loops


If you own the Loops then this is a must buy. This dvd set has now given me an additional 3 effects that I always perform no matter where I go and it always gets amazing reactions.


These DVDs provide a great foundation for getting started with loops. The effects they teach you are easy and powerful and open up the doorway for you to create your own effects.


Got the first dvd because that's all that popped up to get.
Boring as crap for a loop user.
Save your money, look up Finn Jon and go from there. I think I still have some of his expanded loops from years gone by.
Also The haunted deck. There was a dvd put out years ago for the best one. In the spectators hand and the card flips face up into there other hand. Your left clean.


I only got the first DVD its a great introduction dvd, nice tricks well explained, definitely i'll get the other 2


Excellent DVD set - realy has helped me get the most out of the loops but also on the subtitles involved. The effects I'm getting, particularly card related has been awesome and not only that I can do this with my sleeves rolled up and everyting examinable which adds to it!! On a practical level as I downloaded it I saved the equvilent of $75 if I'd bought the set here in the UK. A really great purchase - thanks guys!


I?m not very impressed. I bought the 3 set, because i thought, that it is explained, how you make the loops not to break and how to make them invisible. But the DVDs didn?t tell me anything i didn?t know. Just a better end of the haunted pack.
I give this 4 stars, because if you don?t know effects with loops this is awsome. I knew everything about them. maybe that?s because i?m disappointed. so i tell you: you don?t get mutch more then the effects of the trailer. maybe 5 tips which are very good, but i knew them in advance.

[Ellusionist's Reply: Patrick, it's a fact of life that Loops break, and they're not 100% invisible, however the tips given in these DVDs are those to make the Loops last longer, and hide them better. The set is a 'Guide' to loops - so it's much more an introduction into using Loops and is packed with a number of effects possible - it's sold in our 'Beginner' section - so if you are advanced at using loops, this is probably not the set for you.]


there is almost no limits in loops levitate a tissue paper cards pens move empty cans anything!!

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