Holy Wood

A deck of cards morphs into a wood block.

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Take a card and push it through a solid deck of cards. When the card box is opened, however, the deck is solid…but a solid block of wood.

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to perform
  • A Self-Working Miracle
  • An art piece rather than a prop

This art piece is proudly made in Taiwan. Each unit is individually fine-tuned by hand to ensure smooth and seamless operation. It’s produced in small quantities and availability will be limited.

Comes with a beautiful handmade block + 2 boxes with slits.

Complete with detailed instructions by Hanson Chien.

NOTE: Normal deck of Playing cards NOT included.


“It’s not easy to have both practical and creative side at the same time. Hanson can make it able to show the both side at the same time.”- Charming Choi

“Holy Wood is absolutely beautiful! I think Hanson really took the idea for this type of gimmick to the next level. Fantastic!”- Dan White

“When I first opened the gimmick, I literally thought Hanson just shipped a block of wood to me as a prank. Upon further inspection,I was wrong. The gimmick is beautifully crafted, truly a piece of art.”- Eric Chien

“The effect is solid, the trick is solid... Meticulously made, The most deceptive version. Looks perfect.”- Garrett Thomas

“I love it! With the right presentation, this is a very solid routine you can perform anytime anywhere for real people. I can’t wait to perform it!”- Henry Harrius

“Really amazing craft! I cannot feel more comfortable playing with it.”- Horret Wu

“This is the best version I’ve ever seen! The process is logical and effective!”- Jeki Yoo

“It’s in my repertoire since the day I got it.”- Lu Chen

“Holy Wood is a modern take on a classic. Fully thought out with all-new subtitles. You won't regret it.” - Patrick Kun

“Among all the versions of card thru solid block this is by far the most elegant, practical and probably the only one I will carry everyday without feeling a heavy weight in my close-up saddle bag.” - Yif

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Package Information
Size: 15.2 x 9.6 x 3.2 cm
Weight: 183g

The WOOD Information
Size: 8.8 x 6.4 x 1.55 cm
Weight: 63g

PS: To perform the full act, you'll need a standard RED bicycle deck.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Julian Nagel
Wonderful Effect

Very well crafted, works like a charm, about the reactions, the people get crazy when they see what's inside the box after they passed the card through the case.


This is a very well-made product. It’s an excellent version of a classic trick and can withstand minute scrutiny from a layperson. Highly recommended.

Bob Bender
Worth it!

This is so good! The shipping was fast, packaging was excellent as always. And the WOW of the wood block when revealed is fantastic. The videos are super helpful especially having the subtitles :) And the quality is excellent. I definitely have confidence in handing this to spectators to look at when I pull it out of the card case. I WOOD highly recommend this product!

Jesse Brackins
Holy wood

Wonderful trick. Highly recommend it.

Keith Fisher Damien Keith Fisher
Holy wood

Great piece of magic in every way practice it and you got something really good for close-up magic

nick desilvio
pro level trick for beginner!

I'm a beginner just starting out with magic and this trick was perfect! The tutorial explains everything you need to know to perform with a little practice. The gimmick is very well crafted. I highly recommend this trick for all levels! It's easily become my favorite trick to perform! Well worth the price!

Brian Graham
Holy Wood Batman!

There is nothing like taking the old "Needle Through the Matchbook Effect" and adding a significant amount of thought, nuance, and magical wonder to make Robin exclaim "Holy Wood Batman"! If you are a wee bit older like I am, and remember the matchbook effect...and the startling revelation that inside the matchbook is a block of wood...you will love this routine. A magician is holding a deck of cards inside a card box. He/She removes a card and attempts to pass the card through a slit in the card box. A second card is removed and the spectator passes the card through the slit, and then through the deck of cards that is inside the box, and out the other side of the card box .All of the spectators are amazed but further amazement awaits the audience when the magician attempts to remove the deck of cards from the card box...and what emerges is a solid block of wood. If you love magic like this you will love Holy Wood.

Holy - Wood

Excellent piece of ART. The quality is just fenomenal. I already have the Cell phone version that a card penetrates a solid piece of metal. Great addition.

Holy smokes!

When I opened the packaging for Holy Wood, I was floored. I couldn't believe there was any way that a card could pass through this block of wood. It took me watching the tutorial to learn the secret which goes to show that this thing is examibable by the spectator! It's such a killer effect and beautifully crafted gimmick, I highly recommend it!

Larry Phillips
Excellent Effect, Precision Made Gimmick

The design of the gimmick is outstanding. I had some problems getting used to the amount of effort needed to set the gimmick, but once you get used to the amount of pressure and leverage needed to set it, you can reset it in seconds. The revelation that it is a "solid" block of wood is unquestionable. When I first performed it for a small group, the response was amazing. Spectators were stunned. It really does look totally impossible. This is definitely a closer for a longer routine, in my opinion. Some card work, followed by an interlude with coins, rope or rings allows a natural break to switch decks. Since 2 card boxes with the slit are provided, I use one with my initial performance deck, and even casually point out the slit when opening the deck explaining that the deck came this way, and you will show them why a bit later. I do a card routine, followed by a ring off shoelace routine, do a deck switch and perform the penetration as a closing effect. I would not really recommend doing Holy Wood as the only effect you are going to do...but that's just my opinion. Again, overall, a really excellent gimmick that will take your spectators totally by surprise.