Illuminati Coin

Use coupon code 'ILLUMINATI' at checkout to save a massive 30% OFF, when buying any combination of 4 or more coins.

These coins are standard US coin sizes with milled edges (for extra grip) and a ferromagnetic core (for effortless ditches). 

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Size: Dollar

Use coupon code 'ILLUMINATI' to save a massive 30% OFF, when buying any combination of 4 or more coins.


NOTE: These coins are Morgan Dollar size with milled edges (for extra grip) and a ferromagnetic core (for effortless ditches). 


The myth of the Illuminati is fascinating. 

A secret society with unlimited power and the ability to wield it. 

Like all good bedtime stories, the legend is salacious, chilling & scary. 

We don't know if any of these stories are true. 

But we do know the Illuminati was real. It was founded on May 1st 1776 in Bavaria - what we know of today as Germany. 

The word is the plural of the Latin illuminates, meaning enlightened...

These coins are a fictional token of membership to this secret society, to entrance your audiences with intrigue. 

Heads, the all-seeing eye is open and always watching. Tails, the eye is closed and unable to pass judgement. 

Being a good performer isn't just about good tricks - it's having the ability to tell good stories. To captivate your audiences and blur the lines of what's real - and what's not.

Get your ILLUMINATI coin today. 

Where have you seen this before? Take out a $1 bill from your pocket...

The Eye of Providence, as seen on the US $1 bill, has been perceived by some to be evidence of a conspiracy linking the Founding Fathers of the United States to the Illuminati. Although none of this has ever been confirmed. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Marc Tahtamoni

The illuminati coins were made for coin magicians.
“Grippy” in all the right areas, styled beautifully for wonderful allure and its magnetic! So you can couple this with your favorite pull and become the magician you’ve always dreamed of. I myself am developing a man illuminati routine filled with wondrous productions and even more mind bending vanishes. And I can’t wait to show you!


Great looking coins. love that they are magnetic, I put two on my money clip. No complaints here.

Brandon Smart
Illuminati Coin Half Dollar Size

Nice and well made coin. Great opportunity to add a little story telling to your routine.

Illuminati coin is a must have! So many possibilities!

I bought two of the half dollar sized Illuminati coins, and I love them. My mind is reeling with potential routines!

Todd S Gerber
The EYE knows

Add a little mysticism to your presentation. The coin sports an open and clear eye on one side and a closed eye on the obverse side. Yes or No. Proceed or Stop. The coin delivers

Lee Germain
Illuminati Coins

Perfect size and great looking.


Wow! Stunning craftsmanship, and a joy to work with! It’s always nice when you can add something truly unique to the act!

Norm Overchuk
IlumiNATTI experience

This coin comes with a number of hidden points inside, which I care not to disclose, have found a lot of extras in these coins excellent purchase

The blink of an eye

Nice coins, well manufactured. They give good opportunities for great stories.

Scott R.
High quality product

I opted for the Illuminati coin after I misplaced my Cosa Nostra coin. This one is the half-dollar size and works much better for me as I find larger coins much harder to manipulate. While I’m just getting started with coin sleights I’m finding this one already is easier to work with, with a nice weight. Love the iconography on it too. It’s interesting and will absolutely lend itself to some fun story telling during a bit or routine. It's also just nice to carry with you and fiddle with!