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A gorgeous hardback book teaching 15 effects & techniques by master cardician, Ben Earl. 

Includes full-color photos for smooth & efficient learning. 

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Told through story and beautiful imagery you will discover 15 effects and techniques including a Triumph, a Sandwich Routine, a Poker Deal, a Coin Vanish, a Transposition, an Ambitious Card Routine, a Transformation, a Torn and restored Card, impossible predictions, a brilliant approach to the Cross-Cut Force, a slick handling of the French Drop and more psychological strategies than you can shake a stick at.

Forget everything you know about magic books… this is a different perspective with a different purpose.


  • Let’s Play Triumph – A completely re-branded and re-imagined handling of Triumph. This is not a trick, it’s a game.

  • Probably Impossible – A Sandwich effect which introduces genuine randomness and clever misdirection to create a perfect ‘in the hands’ miracle.

  • Lucky Deal – An impossible demonstration of skill and control which is done entirely by the spectator!

  • The Vanishing – Possibly the most amazing coin vanish you will ever perform. This is not a move, but a profound, interactive effect designed not to be forgotten.

  • The Unreal Transposition – An amazing transposition that is entirely psychological and literally takes place in the mind of a spectator.

  • Hidden Ambition – This might be one of the most subtle and beautiful handlings of the Ambitious Card. It is so simple and clean, that it appears to be something else entirely.

  • Portal – A transformation which takes place in a different realm.

  • Restoring The Past – A Torn & Restored card effect which also restores time.

  • A Universal Presentation – A devious piece of presentational psychology specifically designed to add conceptual depth and nuance to any effect.

  • Why Me? – A baffling prediction of any freely named card. Conjuring With Wonder – An effect designed to take place once the performance is over; one which cannot be known by the performer!

  • The Gift – An effect designed to be performed for one person on a special occasion. But to make it more special, they decide what effect is created… and if it ever finishes.

  • The Secret – After seeing an amazing piece of magic, the spectator has the chance to find out how it is done… but their decision will radically alter their experience and their understanding of ‘secrets’.


  • The Cross-Cut Force – Ben’s approach to this wonderful move is explained in detail with many additional ploys, touches and handlings.

  • The French Drop – Ben’s approach to this coin classic elevates it to new levels of deceptiveness.

Hardcover Book. 134 pages with full-colour photos.


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Aaron N.
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A great site run by some great people. The products they offer and the support they provide is fantastic. They care about their product and their business and everything I’ve gotten from them has been top quality and easily the best cards and gimmicks I’ve ever received.

V. Adams
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From browsing the site to completing the order, it was easy to find everything I wanted.

Shipping was fast and products were delivered pristine.

Bradford Chase
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Everything I purchase from Ellusionist is high quality, professional level goods. I’m an amateur but learning and I am never disappointed here as I am other sources. Love this company.

Bob M.
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I am a repeat customer and everything I purchase I am beyond pleased with. If I have ever had an issue with anything I contact them and receive prompt responses and they always rectify an issue in more than a timely manner. Definitely a company in the magic world I’d recommend.

AAA Inside Out

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Dan Skahen
A Journey Back To The WHY Of Magic

With Inside Out, Ben Earl revisits (and reinvents) a series of classic effects and techniques through a novel lens and focus.

Though the tutorials are masterfully articulated and vividly illustrated throughout, this is less a book about METHOD than it is a treatise on the MIND — i.e. the first-person *experience* — of spectators on the receiving end.

Through relatable stories told with literary shine, Mr. Earl gently reminds us that while the people we perform for may never know how we create the magic they see before them, they will never forget how that magic made them FEEL; that it's as much our responsibility as magicians to "pull off" the trick in the moment as it is to imbue that trick with lasting meaning, elevating it to something truly artful and memorable.

The sharp, thoughtful design of the book further lends itself to this reminder, garnished throughout with whimsical doodles that capture the playful and organic spirit Mr. Earl brings to the treatment of every effect. Those who dismiss these touches as fluff, or who balk at the price point because the material feels too familiar, are both grossly missing the point of this project, and may well not get anything out of it.

If you're anything like me, however, you'll find this book a refreshing return to the higher purpose of our craft, and a wise meditation on how to bring that purpose to life in our performances — hand-delivered from one of the best magicians working today. Not since Paul Harris's Art of Astonishment have I seen the philosophy of wonder treated with such care or expressed with such clarity.

And YES — the tricks and techniques also rock. :)

Ben has long been "goated".

Ben is more than one of the best technicians in the game. He takes a different pov to each effect he does. Just look at his version of the classic "Triumph", in this book. It takes the triumph from a "watch and see what i can do", to a "let's play a game" with multiple people. This gives a completely different feel for an effect most of you already know. His Why Me effect, is a great mental type of routine with just a normal deck of cards, and leaves the audience wondering how THEY did that.

My first intro to Ben was on his project Past Midnight. This was the first time a card handler/magician who put out a DVD/project, humbled me. I fancied myself pretty dm good and knowledgeable with an array of sleights and effects. He was much younger and FAR better than I lol.

Here are the things to understand with all things Ben Earl:
1. He is a savant of sorts when it comes to streamlining effects/moves and taking out the "fluff"
2. Aside from streamlining, Ben is also a top tier technician (this is how most probably become familiar with him first).
3. If he puts something out...GET wont regret the buy.

Matt Howard
current obsession

Ben Earl’s card magic performance style is what i gravitate tward for my own card magic, clean, simple, and smooth magic, executed with the spectators experience in mind. If you want to level up your performance and showmanship, study Ben 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻