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NOTE: The 'roughing bar' allows you to turn any decks you already own into an invisible deck. Each bar makes multiple invisible decks. You'll also get a 40 minute video explaining how to make your own decks using this bar + how to perform it properly. 

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Title: Roughing Bar

A must-have gaffed deck for every magician.

The invisible deck has been owned, used & loved by every magician... ever.

As a beginner, it's often one of the first gimmicks you're recommended to buy - because it's so easy.

Later on down the line, as a pro, magicians drift back to the invisible deck for their shows, TV spots and showreels. It never fails to get huge reactions.

Ellusionist has taken 6 of our favorite deck designs and made custom invisible decks, handmade and quality controlled at our gimmick factory in Kentucky, USA.

With this gaffed-deck, you'll be able to have ANY card named appear face-down, in a face-up deck.  It's completely self-working.

Invisible decks are a staple of every magician's repertoire... and they always will be. 

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Customer Reviews

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Tim Roberts
Great product, great service

I have been a magician most of my life but stayed away from cards primarily because I got burned on junk decks being sold by magic shops back in the paper catalog days. The desire to do cards never left but I didn’t know who to trust for good products. Then entered Ellusionist. I was watching a YouTube review by someone I trust and he mentioning them in his review. It was like having a friend tell you were to buy good stuff.
Great selection, great service, fast shipping.
The deck handles great and I’m very satisfied.
Love that it still looks like the Bicycle deck everyone knows and recognizes but with a touch of extra class. Seems that old Bicycle look is a huge part of selling the magic is real. Thank you.

Brian G Bence
Invisible Bee Deck...beautiful,

Time to spice up the old invisible deck? Yep, sure is...get a Bee deck and make your invisible deck routine buzz with excitement!

Cory Bullard
Wonderful deck!

Excellent quality will be buying more.

Adam Casey
Love the killer bees invisible deck

I have used the Same nvisible Deck for years but I love the quality of the different decks. These seem to hold better than the bicycle decks I’ve been using! Lov it!

Yitzchok R
Good, quality, nice looking invisible deck

Very well made, good teaching material. 👍

James French
Nice looking - invisible deck

These do what I invisible decks do but they look nice doing it.

Ana Jovanoska

So happy with this purchase! Can't go wrong with the Invisible deck!

Thomas F Morgan
Killer Bees Deck and Invisible Deck

Love the look and feel of the Killer Bees deck but... All black cards are very cool but hard to do the trick across a table when every card looks the same. The instructional video was GREAT for The Invisible Deck but if you are going for polished look there, editing of the videos are your friend. Do a retake if you mess up. Not terrible but slick tricks need slick instructions. Just saying

Roy Foust
Great Product

This was one of the best Invisible decks I have ever purchased, The spread is perfect and the Instructional video was really good, It even explains a way to restock the cards so you don’t even have to do any math :)

Next level

I think it is the only black invisible deck in the world. I'm happy to be one of few owner of the this deck witch makes people interest in more in magic. Elegant and smooth. Thank you