Knights Coach Jacket

Always stay 3 moves ahead with the Knights Chess Club, water resistant coach jacket. 

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Size: Small

Always 3 Moves Ahead...


Glittery waistcoats aren't cool. Playing card ties aren't cool. 

So we've decided to make a range of apparel that looks epic - and speaks to the modern magician. YOU. 

Something you can wear anytime, anywhere - out in real life. 

It's unassuming for your magic, but it's fashionable as f***. 

Using the iconic Ellusionist Knights artwork, only YOU will know what it's secretly referencing. Everyone else will just think you like Chess... and maybe you do. 


Why Knights?

The Knight is the most devastating and unpredictable piece on the board. It's the only piece capable of escaping its opponents by leaping over them. 

So for a badass jacket, we needed a badass icon to go on it. 

The Jacket

These jackets are made from 100% polyester fabric for lightweight feel & water resistance. 

Sized in a regular fit. So order your normal size, or one size up if you like to stack layers/wear it relaxed. 

Want one of these limited edition jackets? 

It's Your Move

As worn by Team E, and seen at Wheels & Waves 2023 🇫🇷 

Customer Reviews

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Leonardo Perez

It's actually pretty cool, it got inside pockets! Wooo, design is cool and is made of polyester, awesome jacket, but took off one star because the wrist section is not open, it scrunches up around your wrist, and me personally I would like space around it (for sleeving stuff) if that makes sense but otherwise, jacket is cool, would recommend