Kick the Monte

Kick the Monte is a tribute to the classic effect, with the crazy twist and turns that Justin is famous for. Your spectators won’t know what hit them until you throw the final right hook for the KO.

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The mind of Justin Miller is a dark and twisted place of ideas.  

So, when we say Justin is taking the “Monte” to another level. We mean he’s cranking it to 11.

Kick the Monte is a tribute to the classic effect, with the crazy twist and turns that Justin is famous for. Your spectators won’t know what hit them until you throw the final right hook for the KO.

Kick the Monte has been sold on other major retail magic sites for nearly $20, but we think everyone needs to learn this ingenious effect. So, with our newly filmed explanations exclusive to Ellusionist and Magic Stream, we’re slashing our price to $7, all you need to do is hit buy, download and add Kick the Monte to your repertoire immediately.

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Muhammad Ali Kamran

Very neat trick.
Add straight to your repertoire!

Timothy Walls
My new go to for hecklers

This blows any other Monte out of the water! I used this on a heckler and it worked like a charm. I'm a slow learner, so it took a while to get it all down, but this is definitely staying in my repertoire.

Bryce Kinsman

One of my favorites to preform, always gets great reactions and it’s not to hard to learn. Absolutely worth getting

Rowan Conner
Decent Trick

This trick is great. It has a very easy handling and runs smoothly. I would highly recommend this for the price.

Jonathan Merchant
One of the most incredible tricks ever!

I love Ellusionist!! This trick is one of the most incredible I have seen. Now, I can perform it! Good and clear instructions. Takes some practice but fun to perform. Worth every penny and more!

vimal kerketta

I bought it before but thought it has lot of sleights but wth some pactice am able to do it. And it kills, really strong routine. Big fan of JM.


Justin's mind is a place where you can find amazing ideas transforming to realty this piece is one of them I really love it and I think it has so much potential to fit in every style and performance, totally recommending it

Greg Holroyd

Fantastic effect! I?ve been performing this for well over a year now since it?s early release!

The reactions you will be getting from this is amazing!!!


Ok so let me first say once I saw JMs performance video on his site , I was floored and loved the routine. I thought I read in a review that there were multiple handlings, impromptu and slightly gimmicked. Am I wrong? The explanation is about 15-16 minutes, sorry I can't remember exactly. I am very pleased and will be adding this to a 4-5 trick set and end with this. Do one or two signed card tricks in that set and fail to find the one you want to feature later. Include "them" in KTM and at the end say..." Oh, not that card....the one you signed earlier" ( as you turn over their card) . I think that may hit everyone hard. Thoughts?


Hey guys, Jesse James here. I've been a student and acquaintance of Justin for a bit now and have used KTM numerous times. If you are looking for a kickass routine that doesn't add any pocketspace or special decks of cards, this is sooooo good! I'm almost pissed that this is only 7 bucks, so I have no sympathy for you if you ignore this gem. The best part of the routine is at the very end, when they have a realization. You can practically see the moment they feel like there's sandpaper on their brain! I love it. 5 stars again JM.