Legacy Collection: 10 Book Set

In this special collectors edition box set, you'll discover over 30 effects on essential plots in the art of mentalism.

Legacy is a refined collection of 10 books. Peter Turner's best material. Commemorating 10 years of originality that has helped reshape the mentalism space forever.

NOTE: The first edition has some spelling errors, hence the deep discount now if you just want them to learn the material - and not for collecting purposes. 

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Style: Collectors Box Set

NOTE: For those wondering, this is completely different to Pete's Masterclass Series. There may be some crossover of effects, but this is a curated 'Greatest Hits' - and not just the Masterclass series in book form. 

Legacy is a refined collection of Peter Turner's best material. Commemorating 10 years of originality that has helped reshape the mentalism space forever. 

In this special edition box set, you'll discover 10 curated books on essential plots in the art of mentalism. 

Ellusionist worked with Peter Turner to cherry-pick from hundreds of original ideas, presentations, effects & lines of theory. 

Legacy is the very best of, the greatest hits, the anthology of the most prolific creator alive today.

 This is a MUST HAVE add-on for any collector or aspiring mentalist. 


Watch Peter Turner perform 5 powerhouse routines from the 30 taught in the Legacy Collection Book Set

Customer Reviews

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Turner classic...wait...ok it still fits..

I mean it is Peter Turner. None of what is in here is difficult, and Peter shows how the effects have evolved, which helps to give a better understanding. That being said, it does not mean that this is only for beginners. Anyone into the mentalism side of magic could and imo would benefit from reading these (if you'd like you could borrow my highlighted, scribbled set lol...wait no...come here and get your own...make your own marks in em lol).

Awesome set !

This is an awesome set of booklets full of great stuff from Peter Turner ! I recommend this to anyone in mentalism.

Jonah Berg
Legacy set

This a great collection of tricks and theory

Legacy of Pete, reputation makers.

Peters total acceptance of mentalism as an art form of entertainment is laid out as clearly as are these effects powerful. That is, crystal clear. It’s as simple as that. Just as simple as there cunning methods.

Greatest Content

This is real Mentalism, the best way to learn every technics you need for a Performance

Thomas Thatcher
Little Gems

I have bought many books and then justified the purchase later after finding one single sentence that is useful. Thankfully, this collection of books is full of them.

Jui hsuan Li
Is sooooo good

Peter turner is crazy

Fantastic Read

Mentalism isn't generally something that I perform, so having so much content about it so well organized has been incredibly engaging. Super interesting read.

The Legacy is worth IT!

The Legacy collection by Peter Turner has simply got to be one of the most in depth and experiential series of books Ive ever read. All of the techniques were explained and Peter Turner delivered more than expected (As Always). Im gonna be using this material for a VERY long time!

Every single effect is worth the price

I havent read all the books yet but the ones i read hold so much value. Every single effect tought by Pete is worth the full price and you get a lot of them including Peter‘s thoughts on certain approaches of mentalism.
If you want to start with mentalism or you are already performing this is a must-have!