Mind Games

Minds Games is an instant video download containing over 20 techniques to force ANYONE you meet into thinking of the exact information you want them to. 

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Minds Games is an instant video download containing over 20 techniques to force ANYONE you meet into thinking of the exact information you want them to.  

Cause them to think of numbers, words, playing cards, locations - anything. They'll never know HOW you influenced them. 

You will learn:

  • Spider Force
  • Peripheral Force
  • Billet Marking
  • Apple Force
  • Beach Force
  • Pre-quivoque 
  • Equivoque
  • Pen Reading
  • Billet Peek
  • Queen of Hearts Force
  • 7 of Diamonds Force
  • Piggybacking (to basically force any playing card)
  • Place Force
  • The Invisible Pen
  • The One Ahead
  • Increment Force
  • Predictions & Switches

+ Many more tips, nuances, and variations in over 5.5 hours of expert video tuition.

Paired with the 'How to Control Minds Kit' - these little-known techniques, along with their surefire methods & back-ups - will make you a truly unstoppable force.

Customer Reviews

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Mind games

Amazing stuff

Mind games

When it comes to quality ellusionist beats all its competitors...Combine it with HTCM you will have reactions much bigger

David Seitz
Mind Games

Great product. Lots of information.

Kris Smith
Mind games reviews

Fantastic videos. Peter and Mark teach you the tools to perform some really great effects.

Great work

It is what it said: Psychological Forces. It is very interesting to try them out. And Peter and Mark are going really in detail to explain them.

Mind blown with Mind Games!

This jam session style release from Peter Turner and Mark Lemon is worth it stand alone, but it's even better as an add on for How to Control Minds so you can save a few bucks. The material won't be for everyone, but if you enjoy interacting with your audience and aren't afraid of psychological subtleties, then this is a worthwhile investment. The format is incredibly casual, essentially allowing you to eavesdrop while two professionals discuss every aspect of performance and pespective, versus a video of trick/explanation, trick/explanation. I personally like to listen to the download with my earbuds while I'm doing other things since I don't need to watch a screen to understand what's being conveyed. Awesome material, and I hope to see more from Peter and Mark in the future! Highly recommended!

Marco Boldri

really useful can not miss for those who do mentalism, innovative techniques that leave people speechless

Ajitha mithra
Pete done it again!

I've got both how to control minds and this as soon as they started this on Kickstarter.
Definitely a gem!

Cliff James
Mind Games

Definitely a must have if you have how to control and how to read minds. Watch it with a paper and pencil to take lots of notes. So many hidden gems. Excellent teachers. It can be a little all over the place at times. Yet it works.

Javier Antonio Quezada
Best store ever

I have buy almost all my tricks in this store!!! Its a m a z i n g