The Misdirection Sessions

James Brown

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Misdirection is one of the most misunderstood concepts in magic.

  • Many think it’s covering a small action with a big one. 
  • Others think it’s getting you to look over there, while the dirty work happens. 

Both groups are wrong… and James Brown is here to tell you why. 

As a professional performer and close-up icon, he’s performed all over the world in some of the hardest conditions possible.

James can fool audiences, while completely surrounded, with the simplest tricks… because he understands misdirection on an elite level. 

We sat down with him for a 30-minute interview and kept the cameras rolling. 3 hours later and James' head was empty, he’d given every single last bit of knowledge he had on misdirection. Nothing left out. 

Along the way, we charmed him into giving away 3 reputation-making effects. 

  1. 1. James’ definitive 3-phase card under box routine
  2. 2. Card under glass - done right. 
  3. 3. The infamous, SIGNED CARD MONTE… where you can switch a card in someone’s hand and have them swear blind that they’ve been holding it - THE ENTIRE TIME. 

Like a good book, 'The Misdirection Sessions' are broken down into bite-sized, enjoyable chapters. You can shotgun it all in one sitting, or keep coming back to this proverbial page-turner. 

This isn’t one of those ‘look over there’ kinda projects. Instead, this is jam-packed with theory and practical demonstrations of elite misdirection to suit any character and performing style. 

With this project, you’re not just learning how, you’re learning why at the same time. 

If we took a poll and asked magicians which part of their magic you’ve all been neglecting, the answer would be this - misdirection. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
David Yakubov
Quality Perspective About Magic

I often times have felt like too much importance is put on technique but instead, if your technique is not perfect, it can still be easily hidden with misdirection.

Great buy for anyone looking to up their game.

Ken Mandine
Review of Ken, french west indies magician

These 3 sessions made me revisit my misdirection. I love it. James you are a deep thinker.

Arkadiusz Wysocki

I wanted to buy misdirecton sessions for a long time and finally I could, and I wasn't disapointed.

Pretty nice routine

This is nice thing. It gives you new consciousness of thinking, and makes things easier. You can basically Set up any moment to misdirect and use that moment to do your thing in front of spectator.

Also routines are so clean that even when you are watching the videos, it fools you with how clean it is.

steve w prescod
Misdirection at is best…!

I was really getting the attitude you need be able misdirect comfortably.

Jeff M
Well thought out

To start, I am not a professional magician but this session was worth the purchase imo. Without going into topics he spoke about in depth I will simply say main his emphasis was to steer the ship back in the right direction concerning misdirection. In the third phase he did go through an advance routine (certainly advanced for me) that was very well done imo. I agree with most other reviewers that have already posted here that this is worth your time.

dave kane
Great discussion of Misdirection

James knows his stuff! He is obviously a deep thinker on the subject and it shows. His ideas are not just theoretical—he has honed his ideas in the public arena and fortunately he shares that with us. One of the best magic videos I have ever purchased! Highly recommended

Roman B
Valuable tips

In the 3 sessions James provides valuable information and useful insights. But do not expect one trick after another. The effects taught serve more as an example or to prove a point. The moves used are not taught in detail and I had a feeling that the viewer is expected to know some of them already.
The insights and tips provided can be very useful but do not expect learning a specific trick from this download. More likely outcome is that it will improve all the other tricks you perform already.

Davide Bandini
Not only for close-up artist

I trusted Misdirection session because I already knew James Brown as an artist. Needles to say, I was amazed by the power of the Misdirection, not only did I improve colse-up routine, but the concepts explained can also be applied to stage musical act as in my case. Probably the best purchase on ellusionist

Per K.
The most important stuff is here

I like the conversational format. The three sessions absolutely function best together as a whole. This is very important information for beginners as well as experienced performers. However they take for granted that you know basic terminology and moves. So probably best to have a little knowledge from before. My suggestion would be to take notes as you watch because of the flowing open nature of the format. It would be difficult to find the one thing you are looking to view again. So take notes! And listen to this information. He really pin points a lot of the flaws we have, and suggests better ways to look at things, and better ways to practice magic.

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