One Coin Routine

In this exclusive download Moritz teaches his approach to astounding magic with just one coin.

Mueller has been praised for his flow & routining with coins.

This is far more than method. This is brand new philosophy, timing and rhythm.

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At age 15, Moritz Mueller has taken the world by storm.

With more hits on youtube than we've sold decks, his infectious smile and effortless handling has us all hooked... Magician & Laymen alike.

In this exclusive download Moritz teaches his approach to astounding magic with just one coin.

Mueller has been praised for his flow & routining with coins.

  • No Switching
  • No Shells
  • No Gaffs
  • Can be done with a borrowed coin

This is far more than method. This is brand new philosophy, timing and rhythm.

If a 15 year old can do it, you can too.

Learn Mueller's Routine TODAY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Jacquelyn Gold

This 1 coin routine is absolutely amazing this kid has modified some techniques and made them even better I highly recommend this video you will be glad you purchased.

Stan Nestor
One Coin Routine Review

Very good routine.

Elegant and simple

Moritz is truly talented and a remarkably great teacher. The routine is magnificent and chock full of multiple interesting approaches to coin handling. While not as technically difficult as Ponta's routines, I still had a fun time nailing these moves. Moritz's graceful pace and movements are inspiring, and most of these moves have become my favorite methods when performing with a single coin.

Sylas Partain
Solid Routine

Not too difficult, well-taught, all in all worth it

Crimson E.
Fabulous routine

As a beginner I have a bunch to learn before mastery of this routine is within reach of my skill but that's why I'm here to begin with. Moritz skill, his infectious smile and manner is unmistakably genuine which makes him easy to listen to and I look forward to dissecting every facet of this tutorial when I'm "ready"...So far I'm highly impressed by the amount of education you've made available and affordable. Two reviews in one: Magic Stream is IMO, next level and exactly what I need! Thanks for everything you folks do!

Rick Groch
One coin

Awesome routine......still learning. Easily displayed content from beginning to end. Thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial

Kenneth (Greg) Wick
One coin routine

I’ve always wanted a good one coin routine that I could perform. This is one of The Best I’m aware of. It’ll be my EDC for sure. I love the break down of the video. The performance is there. Each step is taught separately. There’s an over the shoulder teaching. An over the shoulder performance. This is how teaching should be done! Thank you for such a great routine and video!!!

Larry Peterson
One Coin Routine

Great presentation with easy to follow and understand instructions with a pleasant and enjoyable instructor. Makes it look easy!

Ocelotl Garcia Zamorano
What a beauty routine!

When Moritz Mueller recorded ONE COIN RUTINE he did not imagine that he was freezing time. He has grown up and today he is a teenager. But that naturalness of execution, that carefree smile... has served as motivation for me to practice it hundreds and hundreds of times trying to one day achieve the mastery that he has. What a beauty routine!

Ethan Chou
Routine a good purchase.

This was a good purchase, because there were plenty of videos to help explain everything. Though it takes a bit of practice, the end result is amazing and well worth it. Hats off to Moritz for teaching these wonderful techniques.