Now You Sleeve Me

Presented by two-time AGT Winner & Vegas Headliner Shin Lim and in collaboration with, this visual medley contains a myriad of visuals.

At an introductory price of $15, there really isn't any reason to not have this in your arsenal as a magician.

Sale price$15.00


At Magic LIVE this year a shy young man walked up to our team, with his sleeves pulled up, threw a borrowed coin through a portal in the air and made it appear in our awaiting hands... 3 feet away.

That guy was Jeffrey Wang. The creator of 'Now You Sleeve Me'.

What makes Jeffrey's sleeving so unique, is that he can tell you it's sleeving and you STILL don't believe him.

His flawless method has none of the tell-tale signs of dirty work.

- The hands remain flat and rigid.

- The sleeves can be pulled up, away from the extreme edge of the wrist.

- You see the coin, sharpie - ANYTHING, right up until the last moment.

Presented by two-time AGT Winner & Vegas Headliner Shin Lim and in collaboration with, this visual medley contains:

  • The JT Vanish - Jeffrey's first method to sleeve, sharpies, coins, jumbo coins and anything else you can think of.
  • The JC Vanish - This is the one where it vanishes with a clap.
  • Reappearances
  • Transpositions
  • Portal effect - This one you won't see in the trailer, but it's our absolute favorite.
  • Multiple changes
  • Circle Vanish - Jeffrey's favorite from the entire project.
  • Circle Color Change
  • Rolled-up Sleeve, Sleeving - With this technique you'll be able to sleeve coins effortlessly

Eddy Xu also joins Shin & Jeffrey to teach his favorite way to use the JT vanish, by linking a chinese coin to a string... IN MID AIR.

At an introductory price of $15, there really isn't any reason to not have this in your arsenal as a magician.

Download 'Now You Sleeve Me' TODAY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Joshua iley
Great Stuff

After watching Jeffery on Instagram I had to buy this, the vids if pretty short but the techniques are excellent, I was able to perform most of the techniques reasonably well within a few days practice which is awesome as I am a beginner. Really brilliant routine, works very smoothly. Looking forward to buying Jeffs future products.

Matt Bruce
Never thought of coin sleights in this way

Now You Sleeve Me has forced me to rethink and reconfigure the one coin routine I’ve used for years. Loved it!

Dayton Phan
Great for intermediate level magicians.

When I first saw this effect, I had an idea of how it worked as it is labeled in the name, but didn’t realize how clever the method is. It is an absolute recommended for magicians that love “sleight of hand” tricks as it takes some practice to get it down.

Carlos Pérez López
Interesting mechanics for sleeving

I really liked the moves to sleeve, though they require some more practice than I thought

Get your sleeves ready

Great quality product, everything explained really well. There are not only sleights in this download, but also many ways you can use them, some really good ideas, you can also apply those methods to your own ideas. Although, I would not recommend this for beginners, as this is quite difficult and will take a lot of practice to perform it clean

Al P
Now You Sleeve Me

Really brilliant routine, works very smoothly and unnoticeable. Spectators are left speechless on the performance always asking for more.

John Long
Now you sleeve me

Once you get your routine down , you'll use this with everyone you meet. Always a crowd pleaser.
Once perfected, never detected. Everyone needs to add this to their vanishing routines .

Jacob Naganuma
Gimmick? More like gimme more!

Awesome tutorial on how to use the Now you sleeve me! In depth and very easy how to videos. It’s great how he does it with different angles in mind. Already pulling this trick on my family and no one suspects a thing.

David Morris
Just what I needed

This was just what I needed. Something different to get me excited and open my mind up to some new ideas for some of the things I've been doing for a while. This purchase was a winner.

John Rawleigh
Up is down

Love the web site. I got the up sleeve, and seeing it in action on the site sold me.