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Two Rings. One Impossible Souvenir

"OCL is not a pipe dream. This is the real deal. Destined to go straight into the working repertoire of every magician. Destined to become a classic."
- Richard Sanders

From one playing card you tear two rings, each of these rings are signed. The two rings are held together, one behind the other. With one smooth motion you visually link them. No magnets, no tape, no illusions. They are actually linked.

The best part is, you can immediately hand it out for inspection. Nothing to find and perhaps the most impossible souvenir you could give out.

Tear IT
Sign It
Link It

"The cleanest card link I've ever seen"

- Daniel Madison

For decades magicians all over the world have tried to create a method for linking two signed rings of playing cards that can then be examined. Other versions have come close but there have always been compromises.

Whether you're performing for a bride and groom at a wedding, at your local residency or just for friends at the bar; Ben goes through every detail step by step to make your performances flawless.

  • Only one card is used
  • No magnets
  • No compromises
  • Both rings are signed by the spectator before they are linked
  • The link happens visually
  • It can then be handed out straight away for inspection

The definitive method on linking cards. Learn OCL today.

Customer Reviews

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Walter F Hyer
Hand crafted brilliance

If you have the skills to split cards, you’ll be able to do this. If you don’t, maybe this could become the reason to learn them for you. If one is inclined to DIY, then this trick should be considered. I’m still in the learning process, and plan on using this as an impossible object hand out like the woven “Impossibill“ I do, rather than switch it in at the end of a routine. It’s stand alone power would probably overwhelm even the best routines and the switch could be awkward.

Great piece of magical wonder

This just gets better and better the more they think about it. Its a perfect ilusion. I personally dont worry about making it visual. I find i get a stronger feeling when i hide the link. Under a jacket, a table... it just leaves this question of how? lingering in the air, and they know there cant be a how. Which makes it even deeper.

Victor Cloyd

I expected this to be much more simpler than what it really was. You have to go through so much trouble to prep for this. But in the end, it is still a brilliant piece. It just shows to go ya how much one can really hide in such a beautiful routine.

Samuel L Hodges, Jr.

After watching the handling and set-up over and over again, (even from an exposed view, baffled all logic.) When I finally understood the mechanics behind this one card linking effect, that's when it hit me that this was so well thought out that it is diabolically out of the box. The illusion before the card pieces melt through each other is perfect! Ben gives great presentation advise as well as suggested patter where you end clean, up to the point when the linked pieces are given out as a keep sake. As it says in the advertising: "They won't find a thing!" My kind of magic!


Ben showed me this awhile back and I was astonished back then...
When I saw all the new stuff and thought he put on the new version i was completely blown away!
This went straight into my working repertoire!
That's a classic right there...

Brian Almanza

This is one of those magic gems that come along you will be performing for years the gimmick is not hard to make 15 20 mins and ready to make a name for yourself YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS it should have a higher price thax Ben great effect

Clark Payne

Great trick! and contrary to the other reviews the set up takes a a max 5 mins plus once you get used to it it can be done in 3 mins

Robbie Templeton

This is magic! It's nothing like you've ever seen before. It's nothing you'll ever think of. Buy this if your serious about your career in Magic. Ben Williams has created something impossible! An impossible souvenir!

The gimmick is easy to make and requires 5 minutes of your time at most. I'd say it's worth it as the download teaches a small setup, how to perform it from back and front and other ways to link the card!

If your skeptical, don't be. Buy this. It's probably not what you think!

Perry P.

This effect is visually impossible and mind boggling at the same time. Just amazement as well as pure torture for lay people trying to figure it out.

Initially, the preparation does take time, but took less and less time every time I'd make another gimmick. So no problem there at all. Quite frankly, I actually enjoy setting it up.

Overall, this is not a difficult trick to learn. You just have to be patient in soaking it in. Watch it over and over again till you get it. No big deal.

Believe me, the outcome is worth it.

If you truly consider yourself a magician or aspire to be, then putting the time and effort into this should be second nature.

Thank you Ben Williams for this absolute GEM!

Billy Jamez Martin

Being a green horn as I am, I feel this just adds to gaining great experience in handling, patter, and building. It's like anything...if you build it, they will come...and this they have loved.
Took some time acquiring a supply, however once it came in the mail I was deep in the lab and created what I think is an one of a kind magical art nugget of Gold; to be shared with someone who really enjoys your magic. I have done this effect for 5 people so far, and all I can say it's a STRONG and POWERFUL souvenir to end your presentations with.

Like another card art effect I have been doing that I call the "blooming butter fly" which is a card to impossible position souvinir, these card crafting moments really remind people who you are. I have seen a few "blooming butterflies" in shops and even one hanging off a rear view mirror at the grocery store the other day, so O.C.L. I am confident will be hanging in many shops and rear view mirrors too in the years to come because its really unique, memorable, and unifying.

The time spent building (5-10min.) will be WELL worth the memories and souvinir you are leaving behind.

Video quality and explanation top notch, as always from Elusionist. Ben is very clear and to the point! Beginner friendly for serious souls in the craft of conjuring for sharing meaningful magic. Watch the video a few times and really take In and understand what Ben is explaining then you will be WELL on your way to sharing ONE OF A KIND MAGICAL CARD SOUVENIR.

To Mark Schlig