Pass Through

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We flew Cody Nottingham in from the quiet South, all the way to the mean streets of Manhattan to bring you Pass Through.

Pass Through is a method that allows you to produce ANY small object from an empty hand, right under the the fairest way possible.

A slow visual appearance that melts into view.

Cody has taken a normal card box, and transformed it into one of the strongest tools in your arsenal.
Don't Pass on this. Download Now.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Eads
Works as well as the trailer shows!

Fantastic download, gimmick made in literally 5 minutes. When this effect is used, it hits hard EVERY TIME!

Nathan Davidson
Awesome trick!

I've been shopping with ellusionst for God knows how many years and this has got to be one of the best tricks I've purchased!! :)

Brad Fury

I just performed this for my wife. My wife for whom magic has become common and down right annoying. But everyone in awhile I come across an effect that just baffles and delights her. This was one of those effects. Well done Mr. Nottingham.

Matthew Davis

It's one of the best visual tricks in the world! It's easy to make. It takes barely 5 minutes the first time. But the only down is that you need to have some extra tools and things.

Jonathan Carter

This effect is awesome, I purchased today and was not disappointed at all, Cody explains everything clearly and with a little imagination it can be easily applied to other objects too.

The reactions this effect gets its worth so much more, so grab it now whilst its so cheap. Pass Through is an absolute MUST HAVE to add to your arsenal, especially if you perform Angle-Z!

Easy and Hits Hard

Whilst you will need to make a gimmick, it is very easy to do and worth it for the effect