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If you want to perform PORTAL on stage or in parlour, select the option for the Portal Gimmicks + with 4 displays, (these are the exact ones Eric uses in his shows).

If you were to buy these 4 deck displays separately, it would cost you $35.80. But you save over $15. 

For the street performance version (using the card box) you don't need the deck displays.

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Options: Portal Gimmicks + 4 Displays


Portal is a rare, visual ace assembly, where 3 aces vanish one by one to appear under the ace of spades. 

The problem with many other ace assembly routines is that the cards are always kept face down, your audience just has to believe the aces are actually there (when they're not).

With PORTAL by Eric Jones, you can actually SEE the aces every step of the way, no switch, no palm, face up - undeniable!

They are there - and then with zero sleights, they're not anymore.

... and the vanishes are lip-smackingly visual.

Wanna see Portal? Here's a full performance of how Eric does Portal on stage...

So visual that Eric uses Portal in his professional stage & parlour shows - knowing the gimmicks can do what sleight of hand can't.

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Wanna do Portal in close-up? Here's a full performance of how Eric does it...

NOTE: Portal can be purchased in 2 variations. 1 with stands. These 4 acrylic stands raise the cards up towards your audience for parlour and stage shows. The same high-quality stands Eric uses at all his shows. 

Portal can also be purchased without stands for table workers & strolling magicians. 
Each package comes with all the gimmicks you need. Please be aware that TWIZTED 2.0 gimmicks can't achieve the Portal routine. 

THANKS: We also wanted to thank our friends at the Amsterdam Magic Show for allowing us on stage to film Portal while we were in Amsterdam.

In loving memory of Jerrod A. Jones
Father, son, brother & husband.


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I Fxck with some Eric Jones. Smooth as silk and to the point. Let's go (E) first putting out some Ben Earl. Then bringing Eric back. Shiiiit you guys are getting it together.

rohail masood
Great Trick

Portal is very easy to do. the gimmicks are great. the stand is a great touch. does require a bit of practice like any magic trick. Once you have mastered the moves you will get great reactions.