PYRO Wallet

It has to go on record as one of the easiest products to get a big reaction with.  What you see in the trailer is real……people’s mouths fly open.  They react, and then they want to HOLD the card and LOOK at it.  Exactly what you want.

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What's changed?  Meet the v2:

  • Improved materials - Now with real leather for a higher-quality feel.
  • Rebuilt ignition device. Pyro Wallet fires first time, every time.
  • More expensive ABS plastic shell for safe storage of flammable liquid.
  • New ignition coil. Pyro Wallet V2 is thinner than before.
  • Brand new high-rate battery and charging protection. You’ll quit before Pyro Wallet does.

From Brad

Hi Guys,

Brad Christian here, founder of Ellusionist.

So.  Pyro Wallet.

We set our sights on creating the definitive version of a product that hasn’t been on the market for almost 10 years.  It needs to be, and now is.

I flew to Manhattan to manage the shooting of the trailer myself.  Really what that did was give me the chance to see this thing in action in real life.

I was amazed at three things:

· The thing works like clockwork. 
· Size of the fire
· How easy, how quick, the item lights

It has to go on record as one of the easiest products to get a big reaction with.  What you see in the trailer is real……people’s mouths fly open.  They react, and then they want to HOLD the card and LOOK at it.  Exactly what you want.

Let it be known that you don’t need to use business cards in this wallet.  The function of the wallet is simply to light up whatever you put in it.  That can be a playing card as a reveal, or a $5 bill that you’re handing to a barista for your coffee.

Can I paint a simple picture for you? One way I’d use it?  You’re out at dinner with a bunch of friends and it comes time to split the bill.  Everybody is digging in their wallet.  You dig, but hold back a bit.  They look at you for yours. 

You pull out a hundred dollar bill, instantly FLAMING, and throw it onto the table.  “Take it out of that”.

How much FUN can you have with this wallet!!

It’s ultra fun, in addition to being good for business.  If you use business cards, and you should, what a way to hand out a card!  It just gets the biggest reactions because NOBODY is expecting it.

That’s really all I have to say.  It’s a VERY simple product.  One that probably everybody should own. The business cards you already have will work perfectly, as will any bill or playing card. The concept has been off the market for almost 10 years.  Dirt cheap, crappy versions do exist, but the market has needed a high quality, turbo version of the wallet for a LONG time.  Adam Wilber has done a spectacular job modifying and improving this wallet for workers.  Here it is, enjoy.

 ~ Brad Christian

Brad Signature

Regarding crediting:
For reasons that are probably pretty obvious to those in the know, I’m not going to mention the person’s name on this page. But rest assured the person is credited in the video instructions as part of the history in creating this apparatus. Also rest assured, Ellusionist has upgraded, streamlined, high-technologied, and qualitied-up the product to the Nth degree. That’s why I put Adam Wilber on it, it’s what he does as product developer. The person in question is credited fully in the instructions, but I will not put them onto the actual product page given the circumstances.
~ Brad.


As an expert in wearable fire technology, creator of Pyro Wallet Adam Wilber has left no stone unturned.

The interior is composed of a USB rechargeable battery, with enough juice to squeeze out hundreds of performances.

Adam's record was giving out 200 flaming business cards at one show. Meaning that you can feel confident that Pyro Wallet is completely surefire and works like clockwork, 100% of the time. 

Leave the room feeling like Tony Stark.


Pyro Wallet Box

Pyro Wallet's secret is that the contents are pre-soaked with ultra flammable fluid. With only one third of the items specially-treated it allows safe handling of an item that bursts into flames and burns extremely quickly in the pre-soaked section only. One pursed-lip blow, and the flame is gone.

Every precaution has been taken to make this safe, but as Pyro Wallet ignites real fire, it MUST be handled responsibly. A comprehensive video download is given to guide you through everything you need to know. Thousands upon thousands of 'Fire Wallets' have been sold to Magicians all across the world with superb, safe results. Pyro Wallet is no different.

Please NoteYou must be 18 or over to purchase and/or use the Pyro Wallet Device.


: Please be aware that Pyro Wallet does not ship with the lighter fluid required to ignite the contents that you put into it. Due to local laws and worldwide shipping policies, it is not possible. However, it is widely available in MANY stores that sell Cigarettes and even available on Amazon if you don't already have some.

Customer Reviews

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Works every time

It's all about first impressions. And introducing yourself with a flaming business card sure does the trick. I have literally booked gigs, just from handing out a card.


By far my favorite thing I've purchased here. The only thing is it's so cool that someone stole mine!

Vincent TAN
Pyro Wallet will replace my fire wallet as my daily wallet from now on

Before this, i always carry my fire wallet with me and it was the best fire gimmick i have but now, with my Pyro Wallet, i think it out shine my Fire Wallet because removing a flaming money out from the wallet and giving it out,,,it was something out of the world experience which cant be describe, u have to be there to see the reaction from the layman. I would love to give this a six star rating

Joshua Graham

The pyro wallet is amazing, not only amazing but it’s catapulting my business to the next level when it comes to handing out business cards. I will be spreading the word about your awesome products.

Ellusionist .com is just THE BEST

I’ve been ordering online for a while now and I can honestly say y’all have the best products and the best service I have ever come across. I cant wait to try out the pyro wallet, it is the latest coolest item I’ve bought from your site :) keep up the great work Ellusionist and cant wait to buy more very soon!!

NO! You're the best! Thanks for the continued support. We'll promise to keep delivering the best if you promise to stick with us. :)

Don Woodruff
‘What a gas!’

I love this thing!
After a few times using I was able to catch all the facial jaw dropping and eye popping going on when it flames up. 🔥
Thank you, Ellusionist for yet another great product offering with big effects!

Josh Tevendale
Love This!

Super simple to use - does exactly what you need it for. It was slightly bigger than anticipated but not by much - I'm happier abour this as it contains a substancial pouch for your buisness cards. Reset is quick and simple. If you're looking for an incredibly visual production of a card - you cannot get better than this!

Angelus Perez
Fantastic Gimmick!

All I can say is Great product! Thank you. Can't wait to buy more from your company soon.

John Given, a.k.a. Astonishing John
MY Pyro Wallet!

I really love the idea behind Pyro-Wallet. Originally I bought a cheapo business card fire wallet. Nothing better existed. I was very excited about the effect and started using it immediately. I lit 20 to 30 business cards with a very cheap flint sparker. The effect was a complete surprise to my spectators and they loved it. And I cherished their reactions as well. When the plastic (business card) pouch split at the seams, nothing I tried could make a permanent repair. Years later I ran across the the Pyro Wallet and all I could say was Wow! A beautiful leather wallet with all the right Tech and I had to have it! After all those years longing for the flaming business card effect as a stunning pocket-sized illusion. I am back in business! Don't buy this illusion. Let me and my spectators have all the fun!

Peter Smith
Pyro Wallet is a winner!

Its so easy to use and fun to deploy.