QR Genie

Shameer Salim

This App works on iOS & Android (12 or above)

You may know Shorby, Linktree or Link-in-bio. QR Genie is exactly that service, specifically designed for magicians. 

It's your digital business card... with a powerful prediction feature. 

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Your Ultimate Networking Utility

QR Genie is a personalized and customizable app that creates a QR code and website for you (no coding required).

This new site houses all your important social media links - as well as a powerful image or video prediction.


The Effect

Your spectator chooses any word, celebrity, playing card... Literally ANYTHING. No forces.

As the spectator scans your custom QR Code on your business card, or on the ticket they purchased to your show, they see your QR Genie Page with all your social media links and an Image/Video prediction.

Add your unique QRGenie URL to all the platforms and places your audience can find you. Then use your QR Code to drive your audiences to follow you.


 TikTok phenom and master magician, Magic Singh got his hands on an early copy of QR Genie... This is how he uses it. 


 Your New Digital Business Card

For anyone who uses business cards as an EDC, QRGenie fits right in. 

The QR Code you receive is unique to you and you are free to use it in any shape or form. Business Cards, Ticket Stubs, T-Shirts, Coasters, Stickers... Anywhere!

Even if you don't have a business card, all you need is your QR Code printed on paper, in your Apple Wallet or as the background of your phone lock-screen. 


Set-up in Seconds 

With Smart Reveal ON, you can predict an image/video without any time-consuming setup. You can be ready to perform in minutes. 

Photo Prediction
Smart Reveal automatically displays a high-quality Image on your Genie Page, from Google, perfectly matching the spectator's input.

Video Prediction
Smart Reveal will embed a Youtube Video on your Genie Page, matching the spectator's input.


Perform Hands-Free 

With Inject and WikiTest Integrations built-in, you never have to take your phone out of pocket.

The spectator can search for ANYTHING on Google, on their phone, and you can have a matching photo/video appear on your Genie Page.

The spectator chooses a word from Wikipedia on their phone, and you can have a matching photo/video appear on your Genie Page.

All of your Favorite Apps
QRGenie supports all your favorite apps like Now, Elips, and DFB.


Design it Your Way

The app has a powerful designer tool to create your own genie page. You can select from a multitude of themes, add as many links as you like, choose your own icons etc.

You can even customize your QR code, with dots, colors, corners & backgrounds. 



Unlimited Possibilities with Custom Revelations

If you want to reveal a custom image/video featuring you (Multiple outs), you can do that as well.

Imagine you have different Youtube videos of the most common drawings, you can reveal a video of the thought-of drawing on your QRGenie Page.


All about the QR Genie - FAQs

What is QR Genie?
QR Genie allows you to create a personalized and customizable page that houses all the important links that you want to share with your audience.

QRGenie gives you a unique link and a QR code that can be used on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. You should use QRGenie to aid the discovery of your work, brand, or business.

If you know linktr.ee (or shor.by), QR Genie is the PRO version of linktree for Magicians and Mentalists.

Great!! Can you explain how QR Genie helps a magician?
QRGenie is a prediction tool to reveal a thought of word, place, celebrity or anything as an image or a video.

Imagine the spectator thinks of a pop star and you ask them to scan the QR code on your business card to get to your Genie Page, where all your social media links are there, and also reveal an image or a video of their choice. This is your new EDC.

Where is the prediction revealed?
QRGenie provides you with a completely customizable page. The prediction will be revealed there.

Who should get QR Genie?
QRGenie is catered towards any magician or mentalist who is trying to get their brand out. If you are doing table-hopping, close up or parlour, you have different ways to hand out your QR code or your unique link.

How can I get QR Genie?
QRGenie is available as an app on IOS AppStore and Android PlayStore. The price of the app is $40. You also get full access to your unique Genie Page.

There could be a minimal annual charge ($5-$10) to keep the lights up(servers, domains etc.).

Can you explain what is Smart Reveal?
With Smart Reveal ON, you are ready to perform without any time-consuming setup. If you are planning to reveal an image, Smart Reveal automatically downloads a high-quality image from google.

If you are planning to reveal a video, Smart Reveal will embed the youtube video matching the input.

For example, if you have the app integrated with Inject, the spectator searches for Billy Jean in google, and when the bar code is scanned, it loads your website and you have embedded the Billy Jean youtube in the Genie Page.

How does the app work without Smart Reveal?
QR Genie is completely customisable and the sky is the limit. If you want a reveal of your custom photo/video, you can turn off Smart Reveal and reveal your picture.

For example, you set up a custom list of all 8 force words in WikiTest. You have a photo/video of you with the Force words and you can reveal the photo/video in your Genie Page.

How long can the prediction stay on your Genie Page?
The prediction will stay on your Genie Page as long as you choose. The app is also flexible enough for you to perform to multiple audiences. 

If spectator 1 scans the QR code and sees a prediction in your Genie Page, you can set up how many days the prediction should stay there when the user
tries to scan again and visits your Genie Page. This is very helpful for table-hopping performers since they can reveal a new prediction on every table.

Do I have to choose a boring QR Code or can I customize the color and look and feel of the QR Code?
You have a QR Code Designer within the app to choose inside the app that lets you customize the QR code dots, background, corners etc.

Can I predict simple text without the help of a third-party app like Inject or WikiTest?
YES, you can. In the Perform Setup Screen, there is an option to send a freely selected word.

Can I have a custom revelation that includes my photos or videos?
YES. You can set up custom revelations and provide as my outs as you want.

Imagine the spectator searches for an object on the Wikipedia page and thinks of a "freely selected word" in his mind. You can do a mind-reading demonstration of the object he searched on Wiki.

As they scan your business card or the QR code on your t-shirt, they see a video of you writing RECOMMENDED on a notepad.

Can I use QR Genie if I don't have my business card printed?
YES. You can have a unique link posted on your TikTok, Instagram etc. to reveal the prediction. You can also have custom stickers/coasters printed with the QR code which you can place on tables while you are table-hopping.

Can I use QR Genie with other apps like Inject or WikiTest?
QRGenie works very well with Inject and WikiTest. Imagine the spectator searches for an object on their phone and as they scan your QR code, you can reveal a video of their searched object.
Genie also works with NOW, Elips and has a special integration with Digital Force Bag.

Are my TV Rights Included?
Video and audio broadcasting of any description (including TV, radio and Internet) of this effect is prohibited without the written consent of its creator.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Awesome Effect

Used it after a couple of practice sessions. Awesome Reactions from Audience. Truly a purchase Worth the applauds.


Amazing app!! This app is supposed to make it to your every day carry. As the title says, this has become my digital business card. Bye bye linktree.

Kevin Head
Great App

I bought this app for use promoting a spiritual business. It has worked wonders and it’s only limited by your imagination. The instructions were clear and it’s a great effect.

QR Genie app

Serve 2 purposes in 1 app! A mentalism effect and digital business card! Simply great for the modern day mentalist! It is my every day carry from now on! Definitely a must for working magician! 5 stars for Shameer Salim creation!

Daniel Zürn
Nice to have

I bought this a few days ago. so far I am very satisfied, I use it with the ACAAT app. very user friendly.

Jhunar John

This is a good tool for a working performer! Highly Recommended.


QR Genie is just as good if not better than Hydra. The man’s a genius! Practical awesome magic! Anytime anywhere! Plus it’s incredible for networking!

Mark Maycock
QR Genie

This is brilliant, No more linktree or monthly fees, This is a brilliant piece of mentalism you can do on the fly anytime. Shameer has done it again. All magicians should have this.

John Grace
A must have for all magicians!!

Absolutely love the app so far. I can't think of a reason why magicians wouldn't want this app. You get a free website where you can include all your social media links, your contact info and you get an amazing prediction. Owning a major share of all the magic apps out there, the input method introduced in this one is cheeky and clever and haven't seen before. Shameer has been super helpful in answering all my questions. I am going to print out some QR stickers for my table hopping. I also see myself using it on my ticket qr code when I do a stage show some day ;)

David .

It is an edc easy to use and pretty usefull since the app works itself , and a good thing is that it’s not just a magic app, but you can also display your personal links to redirect them to you Socials or website.

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