Randolph Palm

Randolph Palm is a fast & discreet reverse palm of 1 card, 2 cards, or however many cards you want. 

Taught by one of the most respected sleight-of-hand artists... in the world.

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Zee is one of the most respected sleight-of-hand artists… In the world.

Last year he flew from China to New York to work with us on a few projects. The cameras never stopped rolling.

In the first of a series of downloads, Zee reveals his most requested secret: Randolph Palm.

Randolph Palm is a fast & discreet reverse palm of 1 card, 2 cards, or however many cards you want. Pure, unadulterated sleight-of-hand. 

This project is much more than ‘just a palm’. You will learn:

  • Randolph Palm v1 Mechanics
  • Randolph Palm v2 Mechanics
  • Clap Palm Transfer
  • Randolph Transpo
  • + Zee’s tips on DMB spread control

In over 30 minutes of tuition, Zee uncovers every use, every variant, and every tip on Randolph Palm. His improvements to a classic sleight become the difference between just knowing... and mastery.

What’s his is now yours.

Learn Randolph Palm TODAY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Andrew Tyler
Great tool

Simple shift for the plam that has great and endless applications

JT Barnhart
I hope I grow into it!

The cardistry is beyond what I’ve earned in a physical sense. I can’t yet do those things. However, while I lack the muscle memory and dexterity I understand it. Well scripted, thorough and clear. It’s worth the asking price to be let in on the reveal. Working up to doing it will be a bonus.

Eric Heikkila
Very easy to follow

The video goes into great detail, and all the camera angles and examples are fantastic.

Indár Holmström

A little knacky but still fun to practice.

I like it a lot

Zee teaches this very well. It’s a great move that’s worth the practice.


This is a great palm, not easy to master, definitely needs practice but absolutely brilliant!


The goat is here! Can't wait to finally learn this.

Israel Ramirez Jimenez

The revolution of Palming !!! is here!!!
very good explanation!!

Sweet tutorial for a good price but..

You will like this if you are a move monkey.
Fun and good practice for your hands - thats always good.
But you are better of with BDSM Control by Kim Andersen to be honest (same thing but Randolph Palm have a unnecessary step)

Really good price tho for everything that is included. I liked the DMB Spread tips and Clap Palm transfer.

Stay safe everyone!