Revolution Book Test

Your bookshelf is missing something. 

A book that's gaffed to the eyeballs with 9 effects, 18 potential outcomes. Making it instantly repeatable. 

Revolution requires no memory work, no peeking & they can genuinely go to any page. 

It's even made from the actual Sherlock Holmes book, so even if they've read it, they STILL won't find the secret. 


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Does Revolution Wipe the Floor With Other Book Tests? Let's find out...


"Revolution is a book-test effect that requires no memory work
+ No peeking at pages 
There are no anagrams or rhymes to retain...
You don't need to hold the book.
You can give it to them to flick through. 
There is no flashback principle at play. 
You don't need to fish for any letters. 
It's so easy, you could buy it today, learn it today & put Revolution on your shelf and leave it for 6 months...
... Then your friend could come over to your house and ask to see a trick.
You'll be able to go to your bookshelf and do miracles with Revolution. 
Because once you know the secret, you'll never forget it - and there is no information to retain or method to practice. 
They can genuinely go to ANY page. 
Did we mention it is repeatable? 
It is.
Pete Turner will teach you 9 effects... But the presentations are endless. 
Plus, you have 18 potential words they could choose.
So even if you did it 18 times in a row (which you never would), you could have a different word each time. 
Sometimes it's nice to know you have all the hose-power, even if you don't plan to use it.
Oh - and it's made from the genuine Sherlock Holmes story.
So even if they've read the book - they won't find the secret. 
Plus - it's $15 OFF today if you use the coupon code 'BOOKTEST' at checkout.
What's the catch? 
No catch. If you can do this math question in your head, you can do the Revolution Book Test. 
1 + 5 = ???
If you know the answer... You'll definitely be able to do this effect. "
- Team E 

We've gaffed the holy hell outta this classic Sherlock Holmes book.

Re-writing it to feature one of the most powerful book test principles ever devised.

For those that don't know, a 'book test' is a demonstration that allows you to tell someone a word they've chosen, at random, from a book.

With this book, you could perform that effect more than 10 times in a row - and have a different outcome each time.

sidenote: although we don't recommend doing the same trick to the same audience 10 times. 

Because of the way it's structured, your spectator can go to ANY page, a completely free choice - and you'll be able to know their word. They can go forward, back, 2 pages, 3 pages, first line, last line - whatever.


  • No memory work required.
  • No cut pages.
  • No peeking.
  • No force. They can go to ANY page.

Get the first 2 Chapters FREE... This is EXACTLY what Revolution is...🔓



🔓 Chapter 2 - *New Book Test Principle* The Multiples of Nine - this is how it works



+ when you buy the book, you instantly get over 1 hour of tuition from the best mentalist in the world, Peter Turner

He will teach you: 

  • 🔒 Chapter 3 - How to perform a basic revelation 
  • 🔒 Chapter 4 - Reveal a spectator's memory from their past
  • 🔒 Chapter 5 - Demonstrate a superhuman memory & pretend you've memorized the entire book. 
  • 🔒 Chapter 6 - How to reveal seemingly ANY word from the entire page using a genius crib tactic. 
  • 🔒 Chapter 7 - Perform an incredible number revelation, where the number flipped upside down, spells the word they're thinking of. 
  • 🔒 Chapter 8 - A way to perform a confabulation routine on video for your corporate clients or stage show guests. 
  • 🔒 Chapter 9 - Reveal the name and place that 2 spectators are thinking of. 
  • 🔒 Chapter 10 - Perform an insane drawing duplication.
  • 🔒 Chapter 11 - How to know what song they're thinking of
  • 🔒 Chapter 12 - Watch a Jam Session between Peter Turner & Geraint Clarke

What sets Revolution Book Test apart from any other, is that based on the page they choose, there are multiple different routes the effect can go in.

If it's 1 page, it could be a simple word divination. If it's another, we'll teach you how to predict a memory. If it's another, it can work as a multiple prediction (confabulation) routine. If it's another, it can become a drawing duplication.

You can make it as easy or difficult as you want. You can make it look like you've memorized the book. You can also make it look like you've drawn what they chose at random. It's wild!

And because of the 9 principle baked-in, it means you could repeat it immediately after with a completely different word!

For the first time ever, this is no longer just a 'know a word' book test. This is a 'choose how you want to reveal it' book test.

We've never seen anything like it - so it's a guarantee your audiences haven't either.

Each book comes with extensive explanation videos from world-renowned mentalist, Peter Turner + a special 'crib sheet' bookmark to ensure there is no memory work required. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Book Test

I love this Book Test allot of options


Great service,fast delivery ,great selection

Brilliant idea

Love the simplicity in complexity of this one. Highly recommended.


Got this half off instructions by Peter Turner what more can you ask for?

Christian Fitzharris
FANTASTIC! Love this effect!

The Book Test is EVERYTHING I wished it to be and more! High quality and durable. Can't wait to use it...for the rest of my life.

Gene Ferguson—so much better than relaying on electronics.
Revolution BkTest

Easy to learn—-a direct “hit” reveal—gave spectators a “wow” reaction

Honest Abe
A very different book test

I have the Zandman , and All About Eve books. This complements the others very well. As all three of these book use different methods, I would not say one is better than the other. You could do all three of these for the same crowd if you want as the methods are not related. The method is clever. Spectators can casually look at the book briefly. I personally would not hand it out for examination, maybe before I start routine but not after. Turner does provide a good tutorial with some clever ideas. He has an idea to do a similar routine of Bob Cassidy using this book in place of billets that I think is worth the price of the book. Turner says it is like a “choose your own adventure” outcome. This is somewhat true. Basically, the keywords are well thought out so you could do a drawing or go into more elaborate presentation versus just revealing a word. This is what makes this book very versatile. My final thought: for its price, definitely worth it considering the other books I mention cost a lot more.

Michael Chrosniak
A Study on Book Tests

I purchased this book test and was pleasantly surprised. I was more surprised by the instruction that came with it. An unbelievable amount of time was put into everything outside of just a normal book test. Certainly more than I would have thought to put into a book test my self. I like the "multiple out system" that is built in. Without revealing too much, you really don't have to remember anything. But I would recommend it. They also put in a crib to help you remember a set list you could potentially perform. This could easily be a 15 to 20 minute routine if you put the work into it. I actually plan to put this in my parlor shows I will be performing in November and December. It is worth the price in my opinion. Also, I love Sherlock Holmes stories so this fits for me.

Michael Moore
So Many Options...

Best book test I've used to date, and I've used a few. The book is legit, lots of options for revelation and effect, and some of the issues other reviews pointed out, in my opinion, aren't really issues and fly by lay people. The tutorial is, as expected, brilliant. Can't recommend this enough.

Greg Holroyd

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