The Royal Road to Mentalism

Mark Lemon & Peter Turner


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The only way to get access to Volume #1 now is to pre-order all 12 volumes. 

In Volume #1 you will learn an effect that has fooled every magician Pete showed it to...
  • They shuffle.
  • They cut.
  • They pick any packet.
  • You're not looking or peeking.
  • They take any card (no key card)
  • The piles are shuffled (no stack)
  • They put it back in any pile they want... However many cards down they want.
  • They shuffle as much as they want (no estimation)
  • You take the deck back...


It can be also done with billets or index cards - it's not limited to just playing cards. 

It's interesting because, to a magician, a card trick is a card trick.

But to a mentalist, a card trick is a demonstration of an incredible ability - that just happens to use cards.

The methods may be the same, but the presentations are worlds apart.

This means that by knowing basic mentalism techniques, nuances and presentations, you'll be able to take existing sleights and methods that you may already know and create limitless performance pieces out of them. 


Volume #2 Teaches an Out of This World... umm... Out of This World. 

The spectator buys a packet of Starburst (or any candy) and under the table, chooses which ones to give to you - and which to put in their pocket. 

The winner will be the person with all of the red ones. 

Statistically, there are only 2 to 3 red in every packet. 

Even though they've made all of the choices, you have all of the reds and they have a pocket full of the other colors.

You can even pause mid-performance and tell them what color they're holding (zero peeks).  

On this instant tutorial, you'll get over 1 hour of tuition from Mark Lemon & Peter Turner on this effect and multiple nuances. 

+ BONUS EFFECT. Peter Turner will teach you his coveted mastermind effect using a packet of Starburst, so you can successfully predict their code. 


Watch a full performance of the 1st routine taught, by Mark Lemon on an unsuspecting Pigcake...


More about this 12 part series...

Over the next 12 months, we'll be  attempting to release 1 download per month in this series.

These effects are a re-imagining of published methods or new ways to perform classic plots. 

Mark Lemon & Peter Turner have been inspired by the gold inside The Royal Road to Card Magic and have given these ideas a new mentalism twist. 

As each new volume is released, the previous one will expire and be unavailable for individual purchase. So you'll have to be quick if you want to learn just this. It won't be sticking around forever. 

Don't worry, you can still pick up all 12 volumes in the series if you happen to miss one. 


Want all 12 Volumes?

People who pre-order all 12 will get each volume's download automatically added to their Ellusionist account, as it's released each month. Plus, you'll enjoy a saving. 

12 downloads at $14.95/each would be over $179. But you'll pay less than that.  


Is it on MagicStream? members will also have access to these volumes as they're released. So if you're already a member, you can watch each volume there without having to buy it again. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Clive Jordan
The Royal Rd

When I saw the secrets revealed in this video series, I thought, it can't be that simple, people would see thru that. But I didn't, and nor do they.Now it's a regulr part of my routine, and people love it. Works every time.
I thoroughly recommend it

Xavier Trujillo

Peter and Mark are simply amazing!

Shivam Salunke
The best explanation for the methods

Peter and Mark have carefully curated these lectures and it is really really worth the buy.

Aden Oshea
Not just the trick

As always with Ellusionist and Peter Turner, these lessons have SO much more than the tricks, and of course the tricks are excellent and well taught. But with PT, you get bonus tips and insight that will enhance every mentalist thing you already do. I just love this series.

So easy my Nan could do it

This series is the best thing thats happened to mentalism in a very long time.
The teaching on these tutorials are great, Mark and Peter give old plots a new twists making this a must have for modern performers. Give your mentalism the breath of fresh air it needs with the Royal Road to Mentalism :)

Peter Rees
Royal Road to Mentalism

I am just starting out with this series of Mentalism effects. The first town in the series arfe just OUTSTANDING!!! Mark Lemon and Pete Turner are great teachers. The added 'Jam Sessions' at the end of each tutorial are gold. Each include several extra principles which are worth the price of the main effect.

Looking forward to the rest of the journey,

T Bravo
So cool

I am a big fan!

Amazing teaching

Love the teaching from both of them ! Also my favourite part is during their jam sessions !!! Great buy !

Nice stuff.

Peter Turner, nothing more to say. This guy is the best !

Bill A.
The Royal Road to Mentalism: Old ideas, New twists

Straightforward, simple concepts are easily explained and allow you to take old ideas and branch out into new territory. I’m a relative newbie, but I’m applying concepts like a seasoned pro. Thanks guys! You’re making me look better than I really am!

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