Shin Splint

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Four Queens turn face-up in the hands, one by one, each in a more stunning manner than the last.

Stunning. We mean it. The way that third Queen appears when he turns the fan around? We were stunned. Doing our best goldfish impressions. Mouths agape, eyes wide open. The whole shebang.

Taking inspiration from Guy Hollingworth's 'Waving the Queens,' ShinSplint cranks the card-by-card inversion plot to overdrive.

Over 20 Minutes of detailed training from creator Shin Lim, (winner of multiple FISM, IBM and WMS awards) including multiple angles and picture-in-picture to ensure you don't miss a second of instruction for this highly visual effect.

  • Totally Impromptu
  • Use a borrowed deck
  • No Gaffs required
  • Sleight-of-hand card magic at its best
  • Instant Reset
  • Shot in crystal-clear HD
  • Inspired by James Chadier's "Fan Change"

Credit to the following camera operators: Jason Nelken, En Lim, Brian McQueen.

Customer Reviews

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David Patchin
Very interesting

I probably won't use it, maybe, but very cool to see the amount of effort and his though process when creating the effect.

Shin Splint's Worth It!

Shin Lim has created something so magical that it is indeed a sight to behold. This effect will take lots of practice to nail down flawlessly in my honest opinion but I would say that it is definitely worth its price tag. Thank you Shin and Ellusionist!

Json N
So visual!

Lots of little moves, definitely not for the beginner! This one will take many days or weeks of extensive practice, but the skills you will learn are doable, useful and will serve you well with other tricks and routines. This is a great one to have in your wheelhouse.

Kyle Fleming
Looks great, some tricky handling

This is definitely not a trick for beginners or people used to self-working magic! Shin does a great job of explaining and demonstrating the handling for this effect, and it is one that will take some practicing to master. It is visually stunning, so it is worth the practice that it will take to wow people.

Jacob Livengood
The solution is not what you expect.

Amazing intuitive tutorial and genius method. When I bought Shin Splint I expected to have to juggle around as much as four extra cards along with the four queens, but this is not the case, making it much easier than some may think. Shin's solution to this trick is definitely a technique all magicians should have under their belt.

Raymond Baldwin

GENIOUS method on an awesome plot! I like how this is mostly one handed, which adds to the awe and fits my style!

Victor Cardenas

Awesome. A great trick to get into another level.

Gustaw Brzezinka
Very good

Very good but not for beginners


This was good. The sleights are hard to master but if u are a magician u can master it in hours or days.


This trick is hard to perfect but fun to keep trying. Beginners know that you will spend hours getting this right. This is my first real card trick and it has taken some time to perfect it.