Single Handed

Certified Banger

You place one empty hand behind your back, before the trick starts.

They select a card (no force), sign it & genuinely shuffle the deck. 

You pull out a card, from the deck - and it's not theirs. Because their signed card is in the hand that's been behind your back the entire time. 


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Options: Gimmicked Deck + Method Video

You place one hand behind your back before the trick starts.

Then, they freely choose a card (no force).

They shuffle.

With just one hand, you cut the deck, pull out a random card and ask them if it’s theirs.

IT’S NOT… and you say...

“I’m much better at tricks with two hands.”

As you slowly spin around, the hand that’s been behind your back the entire time, is now holding their card.

It can even be signed.

In this project you’ll learn:

  • The Single-handed routine
  • The NSFW reveal
  • The Deck Vanish Version
  • The TV-clean version

Single-handed is as fun to perform as it is to watch.

Spectators often have an expectation of sleight-of-hand, or the hand being quicker than the eye.

So performing this single-handed allows you to play on that expectation & produce a more impossible reveal.

The gimmicked deck makes it feel free and loose - but you’re always in control.

    So join Geraint Clarke - as he teaches you how to blow minds, Single-handed.



    They can shuffle? Overhand or riffle? 

    Both. We recommend overhand - but honestly, it comes down to the spectator's skill level. At Blackpool Magic Convention, G was performing this for magicians all day - so they all knew & insisted on riffle shuffles, which still worked. 

    On the street, people were doing a very sloppy (but thorough) overhand shuffle. Which in our opinion is better.

    How hard is it to perform? 

    The TV-clean version taught on the project is crisp & untraceable - but it's also close to being self-working. If you're new to magic or don't have confidence in your skills, you can use the gimmicked deck to do that version... Bosh. 

    If you want to perform the signed card (main routine) then there is some sleight-of-hand involved, but it's as easy as 'getting a break'. 


    Watch a full uncut performance of the basic Single Handed routine here...


    A message from Geraint Clarke... 
    "I came up with this routine after being inspired by the work of Justin Miller, Ben Earl, & René Lavand.
    On a call with Duane Williams, we set out to 'erase' the weaknesses of using a particular gimmicked deck & came up with this together.
    It was originally just going to be used to 'offend' our friends at Blackpool with a funny (NSFW) reveal - calling them a ***t.
    But the method was actually solid and became a killer card trick. 
    The last thing I released was exactly a year ago - so I'm not pumping out content to make a quick buck. This is a trick I use, have used and will use forever - so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do." 



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Christophe Perrin Jongleux
    L’incroyable single handed

    Très bonne routine, bon détournement d’attention. Je le conseille fortement

    translation to english:

    The incredible single handed
    Very good routine, good diversion of attention. I strongly advise it

    Mark McPHEE

    I like this one. The subtle handling of the classic deck is clever and inspired.

    This is absolutely insane. Just brilliant!

    I love this trick. I can already tell this is a magicians fooler!! It uses a gimmick that I have but never really knew on what to use it for. This download was absolutely worth every euro!!

    Michael Thomas

    Single Handed

    Kirby Gilreath
    Single handed

    Having a great time with single handed not easy takes lots of practice but worth it

    One handed

    Working this to fit my particular style but a solid commercial hit !

    This is devious!!

    It’s dirty and I love it. Never would’ve suspected the method, and the gimmick is so versatile. It’s perfect for any setting, but is best in intimate ones in my opinion. An excellent price as well.

    M. A. B.
    Just buy it!

    I am very happy with my purchase. I pre-ordered just the video, as I suspected I would have the deck in question, and I did. The teaching is very well done. This is what magic should look like. Just like Unreal Card Magic, Unreal Card Magic 2, Primary Movement, and Hand Intelligence Moves (not really magic, but exercises to give your hands intelligence for magic). Tons of great detailed teaching, poignant theory, and subtleties you'd never pick up from a book, etc. If you like what you see in the trailer and Ad copy, this is a no-brainer, as are the other items listed.

    This is the same review I left on a certain magic forum.

    matt wainwright
    single handed

    got this and love it!
    a worker for sure.
    great thinking and many great reactions to come...

    Bobby V
    Don’t sleep on this!

    G and Duane knocked this out of the park! The price is beyond fair for something that can LIVE in your pocket and get performed over and over! This revives a method in a new outlook, giving such a clean and hard hitting result! You have a signed version, a zero effort TOO CLEAN version, and 2 other versions, that all play the same yet seem so different! The methodology that these two put into this, is amazing! Everything seems beyond fair, and it was designed to FOOL magicians! If you can cut a deck with one hand you can do this effect exactly as you see G do. If you can’t, you can still do this effect. They didn’t miss a beat! This gimmick probably sat in your drawer for years without being touched and this will bring you back to basics in an amazing way! This is now in my daily routine! High quality filmed video with all live performances on real people! I personally recommend getting the gimmick also as you will perform this so much, back ups will be needed eventually! G plays it down I think saying it’s for more of a casual routine…. But I think as magicians we tend to over try and over complicate…. Simplicity is genius! Overall this gets a 10/10. Perfect effect, perfect price, and 2 great people behind the effect!