SloMo Sandwich

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Lloyd Barnes has an incredible knack for taking already impressive feats of magic and making them seem… somehow… real. Absolutely impossible, incredibly visual - but real. The SloMo Sandwich is no exception.

Two aces are removed from a deck of cards while a spectator chooses and signs a card, before returning it to the middle of the deck. The deck is fairly squared, and the face up aces set to work locating the spectator’s selection.

The performer rubs the empty spot between the two slightly spread ‘finder’ cards. Unbelievably, a single card s-l-o-w-l-y melts into view under the fingertips.

The performer even pauses halfway through the appearance, showing the impossible image of only part of the selection sandwiched by the two aces. The transformation continues and the full card comes into view, before cleanly being turned over to show the spectator’s signature. All three cards may be immediately handed out for inspection.

The Sandwich Plot may be a classic of magic, but Lloyd Barnes just brought it into the 21st century.

Customer Reviews

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This is fantastic. Dead easy contstruction you only need one tool and you could probably get away with constructing this on the fly. I dislike sandwich tricks in general but this is just great. It makes you rethink what your magic could look like.

Tyler Payne

Okay. I waited and waited and waited to pick this effect up because I THOUGHT I would end up figuring it out on my own. I was wrong. After many failed attempts to make this look the way Lloyd does I gave in, and boy am I glad I did. I was off by a mile. Lloyd and this method is so clever!

I give this five stars simply because it is a beautiful effect that is so simple. Of course, practice until every movement is fluid and effortless. The method is so simple that me as a magician think to myself "really? People will fall for this?" But then you perform it for yourself in the mirror and realize it is BRILLIANT.

On a scale of 1-5 for the difficulty I give this a 2. Only reason I don't give it a 1 is because this effect is just as easy to screw up as it is to perform it well. Most simple way to put it. Anyone who has even the slightest amount of experience in card magic should be able to get this down within a few hours to a day in the mirror. And that is just to MASTER it.

Went directly into my repertoire! Buy it! Learn it! Master it!

Dan Shears

I personally really enjoyed learning this effect. The gimmick is so simply, literally a 5 second job. The routine is very well taught by Lloyd but will take a bit of practise to get the handling down smoothly and looking good. A day of practising in the mirror and you are good to go. I will be using this as the final phase in my sandwich routine, as it is the most visual way I can think of to make a selection appear in between two cards. Good job Lloyd and excellently priced as well.

projo mukh

I got this for 25% off on one of E's sales, but i would've been glad to pay full price for it. I was extremely skeptical when buying this, but im so happy i did. The method is pretty easy to do, but it will take a little bit of practice. Lloyd is a great teacher, in the download he teaches you two controls you can use for the effect and then the effect itself. Note:You will need to destroy one card in order to perform this. Overall, I really love this trick, and honestly, the visuals look better in person then on camera.

Buy it now.