Smart Memo Pad

The wildest mentalism device we've ever seen. 

The Smart Memopad gives you an instant impression of anything written or drawn on a notepad they're holding. 

* FREE leather notebook case for first 90 people to order (when the stock shows as 50 units or less, you've missed out on this offer)

Sale price$550.00

Given a score of 100% on the Wizard Product Review 

"This is unbelievable!" - David Penn


After raising $400,000 on Kickstarter, Pitata's products caught our attention. 

Then, app developer Shameer Salim got his hands on an advanced copy & sent us a private DM. 

He basically told us to drop what we were doing, crawl over hot coals & do whatever was necessary to get the Smart Memopad at Ellusionist. 

Why? This is possibly the most discreet and powerful impression pad in the world. 


  • It may be the simplest yet most powerful close-up electronic synchronous impression device ever created.

  • The MemoPad is not built into a permanent case because we do not want the case to be a shackle to your imagination. Not only can the device be presented in the form of a Notebook, but it can also be freely placed in any housing, such as a card box, clipboard, wallet, etc.

  • The MemoPad is charged wirelessly. It takes 2 hours to fully charge and has 10 hours of standby time when powered on.

  • Magnetic on/off switch.

  • The pen is charged via USB. A full charge takes 1.5 hours and has 15 hours of standby time when powered on.

  • Each set comes with two additional pen ink refills, which can be used for a long time only if used for performance only.

1. Customizable External Housing

The biggest feature of the PITATA Smart MemoPad is that it has no fixed outer housing. Its main body is an electronic board and chip measuring approximately 6.5cm * 9cm * 0.5cm, which is equivalent to the size and thickness of a dozen playing cards. You are able to conceal it in a variety of places. The following are some suggestions:

Memo pad: A hollow memo pad is supplied with your unit. After placing the unit inside, the overall appearance is no different from an ordinary memo pad.


FREE Leather Case 

The first 150 people to pre-order the Smart Memo pad with get a FREE leather case. The case is made from genuine leather, for an elegant, high-end look. 

Hide it in a playing card tuck box

For the first time ever, you can place our device into the Card Box, and it's really Thin!

After some minor modifications, the MemoPad unit can be placed in a Playing card tuck box. A post-it note or an index card can be placed on the tuck box and the information is written on it to get your peek.

The main function of PITATA Smart MemoPad is also quite powerful, inheriting all the high-tech functions of the PITATA Smart WhiteBoard, including:

AI text recognition: Text information written on the MemoPad can be intelligently recognized. Supports multiple languages.

Voice broadcast: After the text is recognized, it will automatically be broadcasted to the magician through a Bluetooth headset.

Apple Watch display: You are able to get a peek at the information via your Apple Watch.

And most importantly, PITATA IoT functions.

+ PITATA IoT Functionality

If you write a time on a PITATA synchronized impression device like PITATA MemoPad or PITATA Smart WhiteBoard, the PITATA App will automatically recognize it and control Time Hacker or PITATA Watch to set the corresponding time to achieve an impossible time prediction effect. The magician only needs to focus on the performance from start to finish, and the secret are all taken care of by AI.


  • Main unit with housing: 6.7cm * 9.1cm * 0.6cm; Without housing: 6.5cm * 9cm * 0.5cm
  • Pen: 15cm * 1.1cm
  • Memo pad: 8.2cm * 11.7cm * 1.1cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Samiel Tonelli
Smart Memo Pad

This is the most amazing tool for a mentalist act it opens room for endless possibilities it makes any mentalism act that you see on tv possible to do yourself and the best of all it’s easier to do than all of those acts as well you can be just as good of a mentalist as Lior Suchard with this device you will look like a professional a highly recommended product and with all of the possibilities it provides it’s easily worth the value


I really enjoy this product because it is by far one of the best peek devices I have seen in years. It is perfect for all types of routines and always ready to go I really enjoy smart memo pad. Definitely invest in this product.

Quoc Bao

great effect

Best mentalism drawing pad ever!!!

I love it!!! It’s so simple and works perfectly every time. I highly recommend this tool.

Daniel Egan-Wyer
The outstanding product

I used my memo pad for a group of religious people and they really belived I had mental powers. I asked one of the persons in the griup to write the date of one of his children and I was able to tell him hiw okd his chikd is accurately to the amount of days till the next birthday It was amazing. I qad invited to do another performance for another group.


Amazing Mentalism

The best pad out there! I MAKE PEOPLE SCREAAAAMMM!

After this purchase I think I'm done. No more Peter Turner PROPLESS Mentalism (joking XD), no more billets, no more carbon paper, no more strange peeks, no more wallets! AFTER 500€ YOU ARE AT THE ULTIMATE LEVEL! Now you just have to study for a good presentation and reveal (for this you can read a lot from Peter Turner and Le Val), your brain must be focused only on that. PRESENTATION <3

This product is

“…just not as good as I would’ve liked. Probably not the best investment if you’re into mentalism.”
- is what I’d like to say, if only to discourage others owning this beast of a tool. This is just unfair. It’s basically real magic brought to life. I can’t wait to incorporate it into my new routines!!! So many ways to use this it’s making my head hurt just thinking of the possibilities!

Rick Tavera
Worth the money

Let me start of by saying, this is not a magic trick. This is a utility device designed for mentalist and magicians who want a reliable impression device. I’m incredibly happy I got it

Jason Varnum
Something from another world

This is truly a tool that’s limited only to your imagination. The most innocent way to get a piece of information that you should not have.
The learning curve is almost nonexistent. Much like an Apple product, when you take it out of the box it just works. I’ve had several different impression devices but none of them can compare to this, it’s like something from another world!