Super Bees

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Without Bees humans would cease to exist. They are silent heroes dedicated to pollinating our lands and expect nothing in return.

Their purpose should not be to serve us, but they do it.

That's why Ellusionist is wearing the cape today. Promising 10% of profits of all Super Bees decks sold to IUCN and local Bee charities that need us most.

Since starting the fund with Killer Bee Playing Cards, we've raised over $30,000, but that's not enough. Together, we can do more.

That's where Super Bees come to the rescue.

Featuring Luxury Pressed E7 Stock, this feels like the special edition comic book that's worth a million times more in 10 years.

Gold backs share the same hexagonal design made infamous by the Killer Bee deck, while the box is a premium stock, ivory white with gold foil detail.

Every Villain needs a Hero. Jump in and heed the call. Order Super Bees TODAY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Leonardo Piña
Súper bees? You mean the most amazing and crazy bees

This cards are absolutely insane, if you are magician or just a fan, you need to have these cards in your collection

These are amazing!

The pressed stock is very pleasant to work with. I'm fairly new to cartomancy and cardistry but these are so well suited to both that it's almost too easy. I have to switch back to lower quality decks to make sure I'm forming universally good technique because these things JUST COOPERATE with you. A great confidence builder to bee sure!

Scott Johnston
Super Bee-autiful

Love these. Look great, feel great and a great cause! Buy now

Love this deck!

The title says it all. I really do love this deck. The feel, the back design, the tuck case, it’s all amazing! Great product from a great company!

Nick van Herpen

Really like the design and idea of the bee decks. I ordered the super bees and killing bees. Very nice to have both.

Grady Fortney
Playing cards

These card are super nice right out of the box, they are very smooth and have really cool designs.

James Veitch
Love them

One of the most elegant decks I’ve ever bought. There’s something about the stock that is just unbeatable.

Cool cards!

I love them!

Chandler Miller
Super Bees are the Bees knees

Great set of cards. Very eye catching and easy to handle.

Emanuel Tamez

Good quality cards, really recommend!!!