Force Pad

Using the Svengali principle, Force Pads allow you to read anyone's mind, with 100% accuracy.

  • - No sleight of hand.
  • - No peeking.
  • - Feels like a completely free choice.
  • - You get 1 Force Pad ready to use.
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This Force Pad allows you to read anyone's mind, with 100% accuracy. 

  • No sleight of hand.
  • No peeking.
  • Feels like a completely free choice.

This precision-engineered gimmicks make everything virtually self-working... Seriously, you just need a spectator with thumbs and you've got yourself a miracle.

For years, TV Magicians from around the world have been using this principle to display authentic mind-reading.

The best part is that each pad is fully customizable. Reveal cities, star signs, names... ANYTHING.

Individually built by Liam Abner to ensure the highest quality, these Force Pads give you god-like abilities. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark Feltwell
Force pad

Nice little accessory, leaves you free to imagine your own trick and routine🤠👍🏻

Nicholas Junes
Simple and effective

Normally I just make these myself which can be time consuming a bit and so decided to throw this in my cart with my other purchases. These are well made and just simply work, not much else to it. Can create some good mentalism with it!

Scott Privette
Force pad...

This is the long and short of it. Great pad, looks exactly like a normal 3M Yellow post it note pad. Wonderful unassuming item which garners no extra attention at all.

Jeff Kolk

Force pads a great. Please come out with other colors! I ordered a couple to give me some options on performance. Great for a card or mental routine!


Simple and so generic. Many of us use post it’s in our show. Looks like just a prop not a trick.

Jed Wachlin

Force Pad