The Watch Steal

Only One Series

Learn to steal a watch (for entertainment purposes only)... You will have to give it back.

Beginner friendly... no prior experience required.

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Learn to steal a watch (for entertainment purposes only)... You will have to give it back.

James Brown, master of misdirection and a professional pickpocket, will show you how to steal a watch straight from someone's wrist.

In this instant-access video tutorial, you will learn: 

  • The exact spot your body needs to be in to trick their peripheral vision.
  • How to tell the right moment to take the watch.
  • How to ensure the rest of the audience stays quiet, even if they catch the steal.
  • & How to reveal that you’re wearing their watch, right under their nose.

James will also teach you to steal all kinds of different watches:

  • Rubber Straps
  • Leather Straps
  • Some Metal Bands
  • & even Apple Watches.

This is the first in the “Only One” series by Ellusionist.

The idea with this series is that if you had the time or patience to learn only 1 trick in the category of pickpocketing - then it has to be this one. The Watch Steal.

This isn’t a 3-week masterclass, a course or a compendium. It doesn’t have 12 hours of teaching.

This video tutorial is direct. It gets straight to the point. One easily consumable video that covers the mechanics, nuances and misdirection required for you to steal a watch from a stranger.

Designed with the right theory to ensure you can feel comfortable performing this anytime, anywhere - and for anyone.

Learn The Watch Steal Today 

Credit: We learned to steal watches from the late, great Chappy Brazil. If you want a further reference, please seek out his published works. 

Customer Reviews

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Noa Della Lucia

The Watch Steal

Michael Weisser
Watch Steal - A confidence booster!!

For years I had always avoided learning skills like this as I never felt confident enough to pull them off. However, after finally pulling the trigger and now having learned the watch steal, my confidence level is miles above where it was previously. The methods and techniques discussed in the tutorial were easy to follow along with and I’m sure with enough practice I’ll be adding this to my repertoire. Luckily I have a very patient wife and multiple styles of watches to practice with 👍🏽

Blender Puree
Great Everything!!!

This is well made and I am already taking the watches without any notice. Thank you Ellusionist!!! and thank you to all the Magicians in this video helping with the production and making of the video♥. Thank you!

Sean McKenzie
I stole my first watch on the very first try! I couldn't believe it!

This was my first purchase for "Pickpocketing" Magic. I was really nervous and unsure about learning, more or less performing this feat. My fears were put at ease.

The video quality and explanations are great. Not a second was wasted in the explanation. VERY DIRECT! Everything was gold, from how to remove the watches to spacial awareness, misdirection theory, and finally, how to reveal the steal in the kindest ways. I was worried that the Apple watch would be difficult....nope....not at all!

I said I stole my first watch on the first try. To clarify and not mislead, I told a friend that I was learning to steal watches. I saw his watch and was nervous because it was a longer band (leather/rubber type). I told him what I would do, and before I knew it, the watch was off, and he was also surprised! He said to me, "If you had not told me you were going to do it, I would not have had the slightest idea you took it from me."

I normally don't pay more than $12 for a singular download, but this one was worth every penny. Thank you, James, for giving us a glimpse into the art that is your Magic!

Isaac Gordon
The watch steal

The watch steal is the most ideal and in my opinion best way to learn watch stealing. It gives you the full set of skills to put forward and use in real life, and supplies you with enough info that you have the confidence to go out and perform this. For anyone getting into watch stealing, this is definitely for you.

Dylan Cooper
Great variety in handling

This tutorial excelled in giving multiple methods for the same effect, which I think is super helpful. There have been several tricks that I’ve bought only to find out that the method isn’t suited for me, either based on size, finger dexterity, or performance style. This instructional video gives you so many ways you can apply this, I can guarantee you’ll walk away with something


This is probably one of the best tutorials and easiest tricks to practice I've come across. It's very in-depth on how to pull it off and cover it up. I'm yet to put it into practice, but I think it'll be a "steal" once I've worked out my routine

Nic Carrick
The Watch Steal

One of the best watch steals I have learned! I love that he teaches how to steal different types of watches. This download is amazing!

Matheus Souza
Love it!

Best purchase of the year so far! Awesome technique!

Noah van herk
Super cool and easy to learn!

I bought this and at first, I was not to sure, but after a few days I’d practice I got it down to a science! Would definitely recommend