Total Control

- No Magic Apps 
- No NFC Stickers 
- Completely Modular (only perform the bits you want) 
- 100% examinable phone, before & after

Works on iPhones only. Sorry Android :( 

Sale price$34.95

NOTE: To perform this in a 'hands-off' manner, you can purchase an additional item to enhance these effects. You may already own this if you own 'the call', but if you don't, it's easily accessible on Amazon and should cost you $5 to $10. 

Take total control of a phone... Without touching it

Total Control is the most dynamic routine we've seen in years. It grabs everyone's attention. 

Empty Hands. No sleeves.

You take complete control over a normal phone that they can inspect before and after. 

Without touching the phone...

  • The wifi goes on and off
  • You can turn the volume up & down in their hand.
  • You can turn the Bluetooth off. 
  • Put it in airplane mode. 
  • Turn the flashlight on and off 
  • Steal the brightness... and throw it back. 
You never touch it. It can all happen in their hands. 

Then, you can:
  • invisibly lock the phone
  • unlock it by entering the passcode... from 3ft away. 
  • take pictures and post them to Instagram - all while they're holding the phone. 


As far as methods go, you cancel out any potential - their brain is f**ked. 
  • No Magic Apps 
  • No NFC Stickers 
  • Completely Modular (only perform the bits you want) 

This is not a single trick, or a sleight, or a move. This a full 10-minute performance piece with multiple effects BAKED IN. 

Some magic apps do one thing and sell for $60+... But Total Control is a 2-hour magnum opus on everything you ever thought was possible with an iPhone. 

It's so brilliantly choreographed, that you're 6 steps ahead. 

  • When they think you're using Bluetooth, you turn it off. 
  • When they think it could be an app - you have them close them all. 
  • And then when they're fully convinced you're not using apps or Bluetooth - you actually using both. 

Hiroshi has programmed this like a dance. Methods stack, weave and hide on top of each other like a symphony. 

Is there something to learn? 100%. But the teaching is extensive because there are so many methods involved. 

And you're automatically flipping from one to another - like a ninja. 

But once learned, you'll be leaving your cards at home and performing this every single day. 

There is a web of deceit that underpins Total Control that is so intricate, that it's easily worth double the price. 

Available for iPhone users only... Sorry Android :( 



Is it easy?
The hardest bit of Total Control is the setup. You need to dedicate 2 hours to watching the videos and not skipping ahead. Hiroshi has created all the shortcuts for you. But you need to add them to your phone, which is easy, but just takes time. 

How simple is the method?
The method is a web of deceit. You're 6 steps ahead of your spectators at all times. It mixes multiple pieces of technology & methods, each one cancels the other out as a potential method. Their brains are blown. 

Is it similar to Hiroshi's previous release, The Call?
For those that have 'THE CALL' by Hiroshi, you'll be pleased to know that Total Control is FAR easier to perform. You don't need to prepare the spectator's phone at all. As the method is occurring on your phone. 

Can I customize the music?
Yes, we have an entire video explaining how to play music from nowhere (not apple music, not Spotify, not youtube). It's genius how it works and we will show you how to apply this method to ANY track or sound effect you want. 

Can I customize the routine?
Yes. This routine is completely modular. You can take out bits you don't like, or add bits that you want to put in. It's all possible. 

What if I don't want to buy the extra piece from Amazon?
We think it's better if you get that extra gimmick from Amazon, but we do provide you with a version that is completely choreographed. So you don't need that extra piece if you don't want it - but it will take more practice on your part. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Azzeddine Agoujjif
Total control

A must have on the phone, it’s 100% EDC for me and a great opener or building connection with the audience. In case you forgot your cards you’ll have a full routine to entertain you audience with nothing but ur phone.

jesse j white

Love the trick it’s awesome easy to use easy to maneuver through one of my favorite tricks to perform really detailed and how to use it


Great trick. Great method. This is a must have magic trick

Thank You!

This is not my first review for total control but I wanted to say that I had some small problems and the guys from the ellusionist team and Hiroshi were immediately available, very kind and quick to help me solve everything! You guys are the top!

This is so good!

Where do I begin? This is so good, simple and powerful. What a genius is Hiroshi. Wow! I would recommend this product. The possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity. And turn your phone into a magic prop.

Out of this world

They say any sufficient technology is indecipherable from magic, well what Hiroshi has created is more than sufficient. I saw him perform a combination of Total Control and The Call at The Magic Circle and was so blown away, that I ditched my Android ways and bought my first iPhone to perform it!
Even for an Apple newbie, it is simple to setup and learn, but of course plenty practice is needed to make it truly magical.
Thanks Hiroshi (for influencing me to shell out for an iPhone!)

Total Control

Total Control is of course Totally Awesome!

Toscano Magic
Total Control

The best magic trick I got it.

Total Control

A little complicated in the set up phase but it's really worth it, Hiroshi did a great job, highly recommended

What can I say, Wow!

Amazing and quite clever!!
Also very in-depth easy to comprehend instructions. Get it it’s good!