The Ultimate Card to Box

We named this 'Ultimate Card to Box' for a reason.

No gimmicks, no set-up.

Just pure, delicious sleight-of-hand with flawless misdirection baked right in. 

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James Brown's Ultimate Card-to-Box routine... Pure, delicious, sleight-of-hand.

Almost 20 years ago, James came up with a card-to-box routine called ‘Box Clever’.

Since then, tens of thousands of magicians around the world have added it to their professional and personal repertoire... Including us.

So despite the hundreds of other good card-to-box effects that hit the market since, when we found ourselves performing casually in Amsterdam last year - we defaulted to this opener. 

Our job at Ellusionist is to help you develop your taste & skill as a magician - so we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t teach you everything we choose to perform ourselves... aka 'Ultimate Card to Box'. 

So we immediately phoned James to meet us in London & film this for YOU. 

All it requires is a normal deck of cards - and it's box. 

It's pure, delicious sleight-of-hand with misdirection baked right in. 

  • No gimmicks
  • No set-up 

Because this is an instant video tutorial, you'll be able to start learning this routine within seconds after checkout. 

You'll learn: 

  • James' original Box Clever routine 
  • The New, bold-faced 'Ultimate Card to Box' routine that James has kept secret... until now
  • How to perform 'Ultimate Card to Box' even without a table. 
  • + The theory & misdirection that makes routine hit again & again - while their body collapses with awe. 

In fact, here is a full performance of Team E's Yannick performing the original routine to football fans outside a bar in the pouring rain...

We aren't exaggerating here, you'll learn that original routine + James' new version, which is [chef's kiss] flawless.

So flawless, that even after James taught us his new version, we had him perform it for us - and it STILL fooled us, BADLY. 

Each movement is like a dance. It just flows effortlessly and drags you willingly down Foolers Lane. 

Plus, Ultimate Card to Box is modular. So you can perform 1 phase or all the phases. You choose. 

Time & creativity have tried to defeat this routine - both have failed. It's our go-to card-to-box routine and we know it'll be yours too. 

Learn 'Ultimate Card to Box' today. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

James’ ability to simplify things is above and beyond. The way psychology is broken down to make simplicity of the trick and understanding from the laymans point of view makes jt even more powerful and well worth the money.

jesse Dee

This is great. Clear instructions. Make no mistake .Ittakes reps to get the smoothness and timing to be show ready. I love this version. Get this download!.

Steve Bolland
Sleights, Misdirection and Timing all in One Package

For anyone who wants to improve their sleights, use of misdirection and timing The Ultimate Card to Box routine has it all. The explanation is in exquisite detail. Nothing is left out. With a little practice you'll become a better magician and the skill you gain will transfer into all your magic. Highly recommended!

Archie McIntyre
Card To Box

Excellent effect explained in full detail. Highly recommended.

Card to box

This is the best version of CTB.

Ephrem Clarke
The Ultimate card to box

Great trick and so well taught. Few slights and a great lesson in the use of distraction. The trick delivers multiple elements of surprise and is good value for money. I’m still practicing.

pierre-a gagné
That’s good

Simple and good

Michael Foy
Very Slick

It was so much fun learning this trick. There is "psuedo" sleight of hand that is so cool!! Bold also!! Gives you great confidence.....for those of us who need it!!! You can't go wrong buying this gem. Ultimate fun to perform. You will be proud of yourself!!!

Victor Oriza
Absolutely wonderful!!

It a beautiful structure routine! I'll be doing this all the time! You need some practice and get the timing right but everything is incorporated in the routine. You will have no problems!

David Wax
Pure Gold

Exquisite detail in the teaching, long been a fan of James and actually went to his live weekend class. Just watch his eyes and you will learn so much about misdirections. You have spent much more for the latest gimmick, I know I have, and gotten much less.