Unreal Card Magic 2


This is a pre-release. When we film the trailer (March 2024) the price will go up to $149, in line with Unreal Card Magic 1.

However, all buyers will get full access to Unreal Card Magic 2's explanation videos today, for just $99. SAVING $50.

10 More tricks (including 8 never seen before). More technique. More Theory. More Ben Earl Goodness.

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10 More Effects (8 Never Seen Before) & More Ben Earl Theory to Elevate Your Card Magic


"To me, the trick fingerprints is worth the price of the project alone. I've started doing it everywhere."
- Geraint Clarke, Team E


We wanted to make the first Unreal Card Magic affordable for everyone. So we had to take off other powerful tricks from the main project...  It was already so much to learn. 

Unreal Card Magic 2 will give you 10 more, powerful tricks. 

The One

An impossible transformation that takes place with just a single card in their hands while the rest of the deck is in their pocket! The performer holds nothing. 


A card is placed face up for all to see, even though it is not covered and remains out in the open, it changes into their selection without anyone seeing when or how. 


The deck is shuffled by a spectator and they freely name a card. The performer skilfully finds all four Aces from the shuffled deck.. and then their named card.

Red Handed

A prediction is made. The deck is shuffled by a spectator and one is freely chosen… all without the performer touching the deck. Under these impossible conditions, the prediction is correct. 

The In-between

A deeply mysterious visual discovery of a selected card which happens in their hands and under the cleanest conditions.

Head Box

A card is plucked from their mind and then physically plucked from the boxed deck! 


A startling and extremely direct transformation of a card which is apparently located by a spectators fingerprints. 

Octopus 2 

An ultra clean handling of Out of Sight Out of Mind. This is an advanced handling of Octopus from UCM 1. 

Three Way Squeeze 

A card is freely named and every card slowly vanishes into thin air leaving only their named selection.


A number and card are freely named. The spectator shuffles the deck, deals down to their number and their named card is there! It’s that clean! 

This project will also contain many theoretical and technical touches/advancements that build on the knowledge from Unreal Card Magic 1.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rodney Beaulieu
Another Level

UCM 1 was unreal. BUT, UCM 2 takes us to another level. Thank you Benjamin Earle.

Brian Hatcher

Unreal Card Magic 2


Learned a lot

Ronald Köber
Perfect for advanced magicians.

The tutorials are very well made and explain the routine perfectly.

Jose Ruiz

Ben is a great teacher of magic and I highly recommend this project.

Chris Clarke
Unreal indeed

I’ve loved everything of Ben’s for years, this collection is no exception. At times basic enough for beginners, building to at times challenging for experts - there’s some material here for everyone. Every trick is direct and hard hitting for a lay audiences. Highly recommended

Ron P Suelen
URCM 1-2

First off, thank you to Ben for his time and effort in helping us to create an even better experience in performing magic as well as everyone from Ellusionist who participated! From the very first episode of videos to the second set, there’s never been a more powerful and satisfying way of dealing with a deck of cards! Speaking of which, the 2 decks are superbly crafted and the hand and box that comes with the kit, there’s no doubt in the realm of “Art” that this piece is an awakening of talent which complements the instructional book included. More than 5 stars, a “Super Nova” of dealing in cardistry and magic! This is all I’ll ever need to grow and flourish, pardon the pun, in card deception…

Emmanual Ayache
Must buy !

If you like incredible card magic, you have to buy this great magic program from Ben Earl !