A stupidly-clean deck vanishing gimmick from the mind of Justin Miller.

Comes with: 2 x Red Bicycle Vanish Gimmicks

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Vanish a deck with zero cover

Almost 50 years ago, the nomadic magic creator; Paul Harris, created the PH vanishing deck. 

Since then it's been ripped off & recycled into infinity. But it's rare for anyone to improve upon the original itself... Until now. 


“Justin, Simply Beautiful!
- Paul Harris


Justin Miller's contribution to magic is undeniable. His brain is like an oyster, taking in pretty good ideas - but over time, turning them into pearls. 

What he can do with even the simplest plot will astound you. Because he doesn't create magic for the sake of it. Everything he puts out has purpose. 

It's either pushing the envelope within magic, or you'll never see it. 

Vanish IS one of those cutting-edge creations. Something you'll own and wonder how you ever lived without.

With Vanish's clean visuals, you'll learn how to: 

  • Make the deck vanish. 
  • Make the deck transpose.
  • Make the deck appear. 
  • Use it as a revelation. 
  • & so much more. 

Also, you now have the ability to prime and trigger the gimmick, with just one hand. 

The Vanish gimmick is also designed to fool even the most sceptical eyes, so you'll be able to show both sides of the gaff after the vanish. Front & back. 

Your audience will never suspect what they cannot see. 

You'll also get access to video tutorials from the creator, Justin Miller - as well as Adam Wilber, Paul Harris, the Petty's & Greg 'freaking' Wilson. 

Get yours before they VANISH.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Dr Kelsey Graham
Well made!

Easy easy easy... fooled my assistant and she isnt easily fooled. The simplest tricks are most often the best. Add your own flavor into this- I have added my own twist to this and it plays well. Worth the money!

Vincent Padula

Do this in the mirror and you'll fool yourself! I did, and I'm doing magic 50 years!
Not just a deck vanish, many routines included and surely you'll think of more!
Get one while there still around! I don't do card magic but this I'll do! It's not the usual pick a card, find a card trick, it's much more than that and no complicated sleights are needed, in fact NO SLEIGHTS ARE NEEDED! Just a little practice and you're ready to drop jaws!

Savanna Mawyer

It’s a great product. It is well made and I would recommend this 100%. Buy it while you can, I’m glad I did.

Really is great!

This really is great! Just take care handling the gimmick.

Brandon James Pearce
So good, it’s worth picking up a second one!

I bought mine directly from Justin and holy cow is it great! It’s super easy to get in and out of play. There’s a good amount of ideas on the project. It’s so good, I’m going to pickup another. Get them while you can! Also please watch the tutorial first before playing with it and take care to properly store it as Justin describes. If you haven’t already, definitely pick this one up!

Awesome Product

I purchased this directly from Justin and the gimmick is 100% awesomeness. Easy to use and the routines are well explained by a few of the top magicians. One of the best products you can add to your collection or performance.

Ori Freund

Although I have yet to get it in the mail, I am sure it is worth the money! I was one of the 100 people who bought it before it was gone and I am absolutely happy I did.
By the videos it looks so visual and as it surprises me how it's even possible - I'm sure the audiences will be even more stunned and surprised!
I just have no words to say other than amazing!

Ramtin Koushkbaghi
Great product

A great idea with so many applications.

Using the brain against itself

This is a great illusion that takes advantage of visual continuation. The eyes truly believe the whole deck is there, then gone. Easy to use and easy to integrate into existing routines. The gimmick is well made and is immediately ready for the next use. Single hand operated it can be reset right in front of the audience without detection. Super fun and drops jaws.

Reviewer avatar
Justin Miller
My DEEPEST Thanks!

VANISH is a very closely guarded secret I kept for a long time. I am so happy to finally release it to the magic community. And I am so very thankful to all of you who have supported this little gimmick of mine. The IG and YT shorts videos have been so amazing to watch from all the customers and fans. So thank you for that. Lastly, I want to thank ELLUSIONIST for letting this old dog have a place to play and create again and for giving a PERMANENT HOME to VANISH:)