As a magician, it’s essential to have sleight-of-hand methods that achieve the same ‘outcome’ as your gimmicked effects do.


Because one day, you’ll leave your gimmick at home and you’ll be asked to do that thing with the face down card… and you’ll panic because you won’t be able to.


With VISIBLE, you’re going to learn 3 different ways to get to the outcome you need, with a normal deck of cards. So you’ll be able to pick 1 method that suits your style EXACTLY.


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Do you want to perform the invisible deck, with no gimmicks at all?

VISIBLE is a practical, ultra-clean way to perform the invisible deck with a completely normal deck of cards.

  • No roughing
  • No special cards
  • No forces
  • No pre-show

Once the move is done, you can even hand your spectator the deck & let them spread through to the only face-down card.

It’s the one they name - every time.

In this instant download, you’re going to learn 3 different ways to get to the outcome you need, so you’ll be able to pick 1 method that suits your style EXACTLY.

Whether you’re a stage magician, a hobbyist who just performs for people at work - or even a table hopping pro - you need to just know VISIBLE.

You may be thinking “I’ll just use an invisible deck mate.” - but one day, you’ll leave it at home and you’ll be asked to do that thing with the face-down card… and you’ll panic because you won’t be able to.

But you can fix that.

As a magician, it’s essential to have simple methods that achieve the same ‘outcome’ as your gimmicked effects do.

With VISIBLE, you’ll always be able to do the 'invisible deck'. No gimmicks required.

That means you’ll never be caught out or caught short. 

VISIBLE is an instant download that you can learn immediately after purchasing. 

NOTE: This is not a 'borrowed' deck deck effect - but it is an effect with a normal deck. It can't really be borrowed as if it's their deck, they know 1 card isn't turned over. So it nods to a secret/move. But if it's YOUR deck, the reversed card is introduced as a prediction.  

Customer Reviews

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Great trick

Great trick, easy to do, and method is so simple

Pahud Olivier
Clever & clean

Love to be able to give the deck in the hands of spectator and to finish clean and to continue with the same deck for more miracles. Bye bye deck switches !

David P.
Great Invisible Deck Option

This is a great alternative to an invisible deck and the spectators can examine the cards. Kassim does a great job explaining and assisted by Saav they both present a nice tutorial for a cool effect. The versions taught are slightly different and anyone should be able to perform at least one of the three whether advanced or a beginner. Great piece of magic at a fair price!

Itzik Ellusionist Yankilevich

Very good explanation but I think it would be nice if there was also a tutorial to make a memorized deck and methods to remember it.

Nice back up

This move is a little knacky. But it's a great idea to have as a backup or alternative. The move seems a little unnatural but maybe, with a bigger movement, it will fly. I like this idea. Asi Wind uses a similar concept in one of his pieces.

Matthew B.
Not a fan of the method..

All three ways he shows are variants of each other. Overall, I'm not a fan of the method and will not be using it much. But that's just my taste -- it may work for others. Instructions are clear. Video quality is good. It's worth the purchase at least if you're curious on how it's done.

The Cosmic Wizard of Magic
Not what I expected.

From the description, one would think that you can grab somebody's deck of cards, and instantly perform this effect impromptu. This is not the case. This is an ingenious effect, no doubt about it, and many magicians will love this, but those of us that want to perform miracles without preparation will be frustrated. I will NOT be using either method, I can't use this at all. I can't explain why, without giving away the secret. You cannot open a fresh deck to perform this. But for many, it will be very worthwhile. I have a few intricate, subtle and delicious ways of performing the classic invisible deck, I don't do the standard version, even Doug Henning used to perform the invisible deck using the stale old patter, I saw him in Boston in '79, I was amazed that he didn't have a more interesting presentation. An effect is only as good as the presentation, and I am not overly impressed with the presentation on this, it is more like a 'magician fooler' than anything else. No poetry. It feels clever but it doesn't feel fresh or charming. The Wizard has spoken.

Hello, thank you for your purchase and review. We just wanted to correct something that was factually inaccurate in your review. 'You cannot open a fresh deck to perform this'

... Yes you can. If you know 'new deck order' from a fresh deck, you'll be able to use that as the stack. Many thanks - Team E :)

Tom Senn

Pros - Well taught. Super clear. Goes over different variations that add some flexibility to the method. Creative approach to making this truly non-gimmicked
Cons - However, the ad is a bit misleading (imo) because it gives the impression you can just grab an ordinary deck and go into the routine immediately. You can’t - not even close. There is a lot of setup prior that needs to be done ( besides Method 3 but even then there is set up involved). As long as you have time to do this - great! It’s workable. In addition, he recommends modification to the box to make it easier. However, how do you justify ruining somebody’s box on the fly to do that?
Still, a creative approach. Just be aware of these things. Maybe the real value is that it can spur some thinking to push the limits even further. Creative!

Tom. Much love from us for the purchase and your honest opinion on this. Kassim does mention using 'new deck order' as a stack, so you'll be able to do it from a fresh deck if you wanted to. It's not the cleanest solution - but it's perfect for beginners to get the knack of this. We'd also recommend not to borrow/tear someone's box. If it's borrowed they know that 1 card isn't turned over in their deck, so it ruins the effect. But if it's your deck / your box, you can tell them you made a prediction in your deck. Perhaps you're right though, we can make it clearer. It's not a borrowed deck effect. It's a normal deck effect. So we can add that to the page. Thank you again and we thank you for your business. We hope you can give this a second look after reading this and see if it now makes more sense for you to learn :)