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This will destroy everything you know about object through bill...

Named after the first President of the United States, Washington is a simple, direct and easy effect using a single playing card & a single bill.

Watch as a playing card melts through the centre of the Commander-in-Chief on a $1 bill. Fading through the fibres.

Cody Nottingham is back with Ellusionist to tackle one of magic's most re-visited plots. Showing everything 360 degrees, front & back, the entire way through his performance.

  • No flaps
  • No extra pieces
  • Use any paper bill or receipt

Download today.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 10 minutes
Extra Info: This does not work with plastic currency. (eg Canadian or Australian bills)

Customer Reviews

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Jan Britten Owen
“Washington” Card-Thru-Bill trick:

Genius! Simple, easy to understand tutorial & instructions for this download. Very easy and quick DIY, too — takes only a couple of minutes to prepare, using only scissors & double-stick tape. That’s it. Gaped-mouth reactions from spectators:“HOW can that BE?!??” Very affordable for this good of an effect! Ellusionist does it again!

David Rotaro

great product for only $6 it is really worth it. its not angle sensitive I have done it at a 360 degree angle. I have gotten great reactions.


A must buy! Get exactly what it says on the tin and an awesome price.

Elijah Walker

Nice trick! This does require a 2-3 minute space to create the gimmick, but it's so simple, and overall an amazing technique. Cody Nottingham does a great job of telling you how to assemble the gimmick, perform the trick, and gives you some helpful tips at the end to make the trick better overall. If you're considering buying this, I'll tell you the answer is so simple. Thanks, Cody! I'll sure have fun with this one! :)

jackson f

It is a very practical and clean trick. It can't be a borrowed bill though...

kevin aldridge

The trick is fantastic and is very well taught. I was able to graft the gimmick without flaw my first try and even after about 10 uses its running strong. However I felt mislead because I thought I could use an spectators dollar hence why I took away a star. highly recommended for online videos and preforming for groups of people. I have not had any issues with angle sensitivity

Nicholas Ruble

Great trick for a good price.

This trick looks EXACTLY like it does in the video, no camera tricks, no false setup.

HOWEVER, the reason it gets 4 stars is that I felt the description for the trick, specifically that you can "use any bill," is slightly deceptive. I thought it meant "you can borrow any bill from the spectator," but what it really means is "you can use any bill to create the gimmick, which you will need to use instead of a spectator's bill."

Still, the gimmick is clever and super quick and easy to make, and the trick itself is 100% legit. So long as you know that you can NOT use a spectator's bill, this is definitely worth the low price.

Derek Buitron

The visuals are really nice. However the method is nothing new. The bill can't be examined really, but with the right skills it could be done. Not sure if I'll actually use this. But for the price you can't beat it.

jackson f

It's very visual but not practical because you cannot have the spectator look at the main object which is the bill. The method itself is very obvious

Sebastian Poggi

Cody is a good teacher but this trick isn't going to last you a day, you're going to have to keep "updating " it so that it actually works.