APE is the next evolution of moves by Cody Nottingham. 12 real-world sleights and techniques that will destroy your dexterity.

Knuckle-busting, sweat-inducing, ligament-stretching moves, brewed right here in Kentucky.

These techniques aren't impossible, but they're not for the faint of heart.

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12 New Sleights To Destroy Your Dexterity

What do you get when you cross a 'move monkey' with a barrel of radioactive waste? An APE.

APE is the next evolution of moves by Cody Nottingham. 12 real-world sleights and techniques that will destroy your dexterity.

Knuckle-busting, sweat-inducing, ligament-stretching moves, brewed right here in Kentucky.

These techniques aren't impossible, but they're not for the faint of heart.

Not for Wimps

Cody Nottingham will walk you through each sleight in expert detail, answering every question you could have with additional slow-motion footage for each 'move' taught. 

The moves in APE can then take the place of your existing sleights in the routines you already know. Adding a new layer of deception to what you currently perform. 

Taught in over 2 hours of tuition, APE will elevate your card handling skills quicker than ever before. Exploring new grips, pressures and concealments. 

While everyone is exposing a double-lift or pass on Youtube, this is your opportunity to teleport your sleight-of-hand far past your audience's understanding. 


Whats in the video


A 3-phase sandwich routine starting with the selection finding a pair of cards, moving to the pair finding the selection incredibly quickly, and finishing with the selection literally popping between the pair without any movement.

Bottom Change:
A take on the top change, but with more cover. Gives you more motivated movements for a clean, direct, and undetectable switch between the selection and the bottom card of the deck.

What seems to be a very honest and simple control of 2 cards. Starting on top, placed in the middle, and they're in your control the entire time.

Down Shift:
Independently developed by myself and also Patrick Henderson, its a very fair and open control from the middle of the deck to the bottom. Bursting with applications like a "rising card." effect.

Being a huge fan of "The Queens" by Bill Goodwin, Cody released his own successful version of the timeless effect (Drags). This updated handling is a different take on that beloved effect. More fair. More open.

H. Aces V.1:
A version of Hofzinser Aces that's ultra-clean and fair.

One Handed Tenkai Reversal. A move developed for certain situations to allow the top card of the deck to be placed into Tenkai Palm, reversed, with one hand either directly in sight of your spectator or performed by your side. This is the official Ninja move of the entire download. Master this and the rest is EASY.

Pivot Switch:
A crazy quick one handed switch of a playing card. Again, very fair looking.

Queen Bind:
Another version of Hofzinser Aces, but in this version, as the Queens are shown, one instantly "pops" face down.

Slide Switch:
I think of this as "camo" of card switches. The switch happens right in front of the spectator, but the card you originally switched in STILL in sight....they just don't know it.

Slip Switch:
Theres a reason for this name. When you're "dirty," this is a way to not only clean up, but to do a seamless switch of a playing card.

Slip Load:
The worst sandwich tricks have the same problem. The load. Slip load solves that instantly by having the selection slip between the displayed cards, not counted on top of the deck. Even by only adding this to your existing sandwich routines, you'd be taking your magic up a HUGE notch.

Split Sandwich:
A flourishy reveal of a card between a pair. The cards dance between your fingers to reveal a selection... Can even be signed.

Squeeze Double:
Created by mistake, this allows you to execute a <<redacted secret>> whilst hiding a double the entire time.

Swivel Steal:
When you're in a certain "position" you can quickly and easily steal the spectator's selection from the middle of the deck. Lightning fast and utterly deceptive.

The Bridge:
Spectator's selection is riffle-shuffled into the deck. Upon bridging the cards, their selection flies out of the middle (really) right in front of them. Decepetive, dangerous and delivishly fun to practice.

TC Change:
A bonus effect. Looking impossible. A card sticks out vertically from a horizontal deck, in the middle so the artist can't manipulate the card. With a flick it changes to the specator's card. This doesn't work how you think it does. The added secret is for buyers only, but it allows you to execute one more change IMMEDIATELY after the first. 

DISCLAIMER: All moves showcased in APE are independently created by Cody Nottingham. He lays no claim to their creation, only that his discovered them on his own. All variations are thoroughly credited within this download,

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ryan K.
Advanced moves that work!

Haven’t mastered them all yet but there are some great slights, routines and a bit of cardistry. Some invisible controls, slick load moves, some moves are knacky but reliable once you get them down.

Logan Sibble
This is man is crazy

Even tho they are difficult and made for advance sleightest this is some of the most creative way and redesigned way of manipulating a deck of cards. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s up for the challenge!!!

Unique and simple techniques

Whats great about this, its unique techniques that was used to perform controls and slength of hand. You wont find this on youtube or anywhere and its looks beautiful. For me its really eazy process to learn. Took me about 10 mins per tehnique to make it right 5 times in a row. Rest is practice to get into mussle Memory.

Deffinetly worth od buying, also everything is separated in sections so its eazy to learn.

Thanks, im really happy with it

Ape stronk together

Ape provides solid additions to any intermediate or advanced magicians repertoires. It teaches difficult and unique moves that add a bit of flourish and fun to your routines


I purchased this a while back, and noticed the swivel steal is missing from the download and instead has two sections with the split sandwich. Also dope stuff my hands hurt


Very nice moves, well taughts. Some are angly, others are difficult.
My main concern with this download is the absence of chapters... which makes it really a pain to navigate between moves and explanations.
At this price, Ellusionist could have made sections/chapters for ease of navigation.

*** ELLUSIONIST RESPONSE*** There are chapters in the stream of this download, but it seems like Ludovic has chosen to download the full project in it's entirety. For other customers, please choose to 'stream' it to view it in chapters and skip between.