Cats Paw

This clawsome gag gets hilarious reactions and can be used to enhance your magic by providing a double 'WTF' moment in the middle of your magic.

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Make a random CAT'S PAW appear between your hands to steal a borrowed coin.

This clawsome gag gets hilarious reactions and can be used to enhance your magic by providing a double 'WTF' moment in the middle of your magic.

Comes complete with universally fitting gimmick + a special ball or yarn that the cat can steal.

Purrfect for every magician's pocket.

Order your Cat's Paw TODAY.


The idea of using a finger puppet as a gag was first utilized from Paul Harris' book by Bob Farmer. Bob called it "The creation of life". 

Derek Dingle used Bob's gag to "explain" the vanish of a coin, and that routine appeared in one of the New York Coin Symposium books back in the 1980's.

Derek's routine was then popularized by Michael Ammar when he performed this feat on Letterman and renamed it 'Little Hand'. 

Since then Alex Ng, Kevin Ho, Roddy McGhie & Dave Bonsall all have their own work on this gag.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Customer Reviews

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This is the peak of magic

This effect is so hilarious, it works very well if presented with ball of yarn included in the kit, but it's especially effective as an ending to a short coin routine, since nobody ever sees it coming. The prop itself is well made and adjustable to the size of your finger, which is a really good thing. I like to use it with pirate coins, because it gives you some fun patter options, I think as long as you keep it direct and easy to follow for the earlier phases of your routine, you can go really abstract with the part when the cat's paw suddenly turns up to steal the coin, cause it just blows people's mind if presented as something that casually happens. It also works great as an EDC item, it takes very little space in your pocket which makes it easy to combine with coin routines, which by their nature are usually impromptu and can be done at seemingly random moment in a conversation. The ball of yarn however, gives you even more presentation opportunities, for example: I like to just mess around with it at work, and if someone asks me what am I doing, I will just say "I'm playing with my cat" and then go straight to the routine. Great product, I highly recommend it for everyday carry.

Steven White
Money well spent

Honestly some of the best reactions I’ve seen !
I practise sleight of hand daily with cards n coins and this is the trick my family absolutely love .

The best throw away I’ve seen ! H

Mathieu Moseley
Absolutely Amazing!

This is definitely not just a beginner's toy! I have actually fooled some slightly seasoned magicians with this already! This works great in person and even better over a live stream/Zoom call setup! Overall, if I could, I would give this more than five stars!

Matthew D.G. Mannucci
Awesome product!

This is the second time I order one! Mainly because I lost the first one and it's such a hit I can't continue without it!

So fun!

Great little addition to any coin routine.

Antonio M. Vela
This is a real review

I totally felt for this act, as it really caught people of guard. They will never expect what's going to happen with this performance. Easy to handle, and as simple as beautiful.

Brian Sheridan
Great little illusion!

It’s deceptively simple, but people seem to really get a kick out of it. Buy one - you’ll definitely use it, and your audiences will definitely enjoy it.

Ryan Coleman

I already had the little hand in my collection of Magical gags but this paw beats it imo. The reactions to the cute little guy are surprising and I highly recommend this

Clever and fun!

Love this little gimmick! It's a pretty smooth presentation once you learn and practice the moves. Gets a great reaction, especially with younger audiences. Tutorial is straightforward and covers everything in depth. Recommended!

Brian Sanders
Great trick

This trick really amuses spectators!